How to train dog for potty in 7 days in 2021

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How to train dog for potty in 7 days in 2021

Topic : How to train dog for potty in 7 days in 2021

That day very amazing day when you adopted a newly puppy. but always a new pet also comes new challenges and problem like : potty training, relivethemselves many other problem. But don’t worry potty training for potty not a biggest task. Puppy never tell you for potty.

You have to relive themselves. Dogs and Puppy are very intelligent more than Human.Dogs want naturally go to toilet away from their home. Some dogs or puppy learn it very fast but some dogs struggle with it. But you have to need a little patience and effort to train your cute dog. During training period you always remember you need to patient, remain calm, and be consistent.

All these information are given by self experience and some dogs experts. So just follow it regularly and make your dog super dog. Let’s start it.

Step:1 – learn your puppy potty sings


During potty training. You need to watch all time your dogs. When your puppy suddenly  changes their behavior like circling, sniffing, barking, whining.  These are all hints for potty.if your dogs doing all this activity then don’t take time go outside with your dog .  My dogs are always barking and whining to go outside for potty and pee.


Step:2 – Slect a Potty zone area-

I selected a potty zone for my dogs and my dogs always potted these slectedd zone. SO  you need to slecte a zone where your dogs can do potty. Every morning Tied your puppy or dogs on a leash and walk them where you want your dog potty. Wait for your pet to action . when your dogs potted then you need to smile it’s a positive hints. If you your dogs don’t do anything back to home and return do these activity.You need to slect a area where other dogs not visited

Benefits of slected a spot-

Puppy always will remember their smell of urine when your puppy goes there next time. He potted there.

Step3 :-  Establishing a Routine FOR YOUR DOGS-

MY dogs always do pee and potty in morning and evening at the same time. You have to set a routione for it. Here how you can set a roution for your dogs. You have to live consistent with your dog this is the key. Beinng consistent is one of the keys to potty training.You need to ensure that your dogs potty and pees at the same time of the day, you need set a routine for your dog .a here are given some tips for potty at the same time .

When you wake up in the morning then go walk with your puppy ot dogs at their spotted area. Give time to your dog 5-10 min.Give your dogs meal time to time like I give meal for my dogs in morning, afternoon  and last evening . in this type dogs not potted more and he potty always time to time.Walks with dogs on regular basis can helps also to encourage the dog .Puppies will go immediately for potty  after eating.


No matter what your dog’s problem behavior.        Are you love ❣️ your dog 🐕??

If you are love your dog with hearts ❤️ so don’t waste time and train your dog like professional.And make your dog 🐕 super dog 🐕.


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