How to vacuum seal Liquids?

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Yes! It is troublesome. But, there are different methods to vacuum seal liquids like the freeze method, ice cube method, paper towel method, and the vacuum chamber sealing method. Among all the methods, the vacuum chamber method is the most commonly used method.

In a vacuum chamber sealing method, internal pressure in the chamber is minimized at the same rate as that of the pressure inside the vacuum chamber. In this way, the liquid remains inside the bag instead of spill out of the opening.

One thing to consider is that liquid is supercooled before using the vacuum chamber. The reduction of pressure inside the chamber, causes the liquid to boil out of the bag. The main advantage of this liquid sealing method is that it requires no waiting time between the seals, however, it requires commercial expensive equipment.

How to vacuum seal liquid containers?

Watching your frozen food get a bad smell, liquid become sour, or grains spoiled because of fungus and bacteria is a very irritating scene. The best way to avoid this is to seal the containers, bag, or jar.

Vacuum seal the liquid is quite tricky. The reason is that the liquid gets stuck while vacuuming the container. They can damage your machine as well as damage the seal.

So, here I am telling you some simple tricks to vacuum seal the liquids safely.

Freeze the liquids

This is the simple and quick one. If you intend to vacuum seal some gravy or soup then simply freeze it till it gets hard.

You can use some zipper bags or containers to freeze the food. Put the container inside the freezer and let it get hard.  Once the food turns hard, put it inside the food bags and seal it.

Use Special Liquid Block Bags

You can find pre-cut food bags that block the moisture and liquids from a leak during the vacuum seal process.

Paper Towel

This method is recommended if the liquid has a small quantity. Place the liquid inside the food bag. Simply, place the paper towel between the bag mouth and the liquid. Paper towels will absorb the liquid during the vacuum process.

Hang food bags at the edge of the kitchen countertop

Super easy way to prevent the liquid to trap into the seal! Simply hang the food bag at the edge of the countertop where the natural gravity will attract the food downwards.  So, the liquid will move down from the sealing part and you can seal the liquids easily.

5. Choose the accessories containers

Food saver containers are also available; durable and versatile. They are good to store food. You can reuse this container as well. They have a great tendency to store the veggies and fruits 5 times more than Vaccum seal the liquids.


Save your food with the right technique. You may consider the vacuum seal liquids as the most difficult task. A faulty method will not only bring inconvenience for you but also degrade the performance of your equipment. So, better understand the techniques first then apply them.


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