Increasing Traffic & Visitor Tracking in 2021

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Increasing Traffic & Visitor Tracking in 2021

Topic : Increasing Traffic & Visitor Tracking in 2021

This chapter is a hot one! Whether you are creating your blog for personal use or to help promote and build your business, you want to keep readers coming back. Moreover, you want your blog to be found in the first place! In this chapter, we\’ll review tools, applications, gadgets, and tips to use to get your blog noticed and to let you keep track of what\’s going on.

How are blogs found? Like web sites, they are generally found by someone searching for something, using a search engine like Google or Bing. There are techniques for making it more likely your blog will be found in such a search; this process is known as search engine optimization (SEO). And it is a kind of process where the more people visit and the more pages they visit, the more popular your blog becomes because search engine algorithms use visitor counts and page views (which we\’ll discuss in more detail) to help rank your site. In this chapter, we look at some methods to help drive more traffic to your site and to build your online visibility. We\’ll see how to use keywords and meta tags; install feed subscriptions, share buttons, and gadgets, and take advantage of many Google applications to help increase your blog\’s online presence.

Also, you will see how to track visitor activity and use that information to better focus your marketing efforts or to find out what most interests your readers. Let\’s get started!

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best ways to boost your blog\’s online presence. SEO is the process of improving the chances that not only will

your blog show up in a search, but it\’ll also show high up in a search—if not in the first five results, then at least on the first page. This involves many techniques, the installation of various tools and applications, and does not happen overnight. In short, there is no waving of a magic wand, unfortunately. However, here are a bunch of tips to get us started and to brainstorm about ways to help improve your ranking:

1.patient and realistic. Increasing your online presence and popularity takes time and more importantly, takes effort! You\’ll want to keep working on it, day after day, following the advice and tips you will find throughout this chapter.

2.Be consistent and realistic. Don\’t make it a chore that you have to do every day if that\’s too much for you. Instead, make it a “task” and one that you can achieve—daily, weekly, twice a week—whatever schedule is realistic and attainable. You have to make it fit your lifestyle, but you do have to take the time to blog!

3.Keep these tips in mind when posting:

4.Post consistently and regularly.

5.Post about relevant content and be sure to include keywords in your post.

6.Write about what interests your readers, something they\’ll enjoy and want to share with others.

7.Label each post with keywords (labels in Blogger, categories in TypePad and WordPress).

8.Place keywords in the post title. Try not to use “fluff” words like The, Great, Good.

9.Keep the title short, less than 40 characters. Be sure to have share buttons on your blog, under your posts.

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