Induction Cooktop Pros Cons India 2021

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Induction Cooktop Pros Cons India 2021

Topic : Induction Cooktop Pros Cons India 2021

Induction is a term that suggest to a particular strategy for creating heat. While electric stove utilizes brilliant warmth to prepare your food. A microwave utilizes energy waves, to do likewise. An induction uses electromagnetism to prepare food inside cookware. Read more about Induction Cooktop Pros Cons India 2021.

Induction generates an electromagnetic reaction between the burner and cookware itself. if there is no contact between burner and pots induction cooktop will not generate any heat.

The way to making an induction cooktop or range work is to utilize a particular kind of pot. You have to utilize pots that have capability of magnetic power to produce the electromagnetic reaction that will prepare the food.

Ordinarily, this will mean utilizing cast iron or magnetic steel pots and pans. A very simple technique to test is to take a magnet and hold it up to your pots and skillet if it is sticking means your pots and pans are compatible with induction surface.

Pros of Using an Induction Cooktops:

Fast Cooking:

One of the main reason of using induction cooktops is their ability to cook fast as compare to other cooktops. Electromagnetic took very less time to generate amazing heat.

Consume Less Energy:

An other benefit of using induction cooktop is it consume very less energy means significant substantial reduction in bills.

Safe To Use:

Induction cooking is a user friendly there is minimal threat for any tragedy. As you know induction uses electromagnetic technique to generate heat which is very safe and after turning off the burner both cookware and burner become cool quickly.

Easier To Clean:

One more benefit of using induction cooktop that it is very easy to clean. A good thing in induction cooking is that burners provides heat to pan not other surface that is very helpful in preventing spills get baked on.

Cons of Using an Induction Cooktops:

Not Cheap:

If you are looking for induction cooktops for your kitchen you must need handsome amount of investment because induction cooktops are not cheap.

Induction Compatible Cookware Required:

Before purchasing induction for you kitchen must consider your pots and pans because many cookware are not compatible with induction cooking.

Cookware glass, copper, or aluminum pans are not suitable for induction cooking.

While stainless steel and cast iron pans are one of the best non stick induction frying pans that are compatible for induction cooking.

You can test you cooking pots and pans if they are compatible with induction or not by holding magnet to your bottom of pots. If it sticks to pots means they are surely compatible with pots.


Another drawback is Induction cooktops are little noisy like a buzz. Noise also depends on cookware. If you are using steel pots you will find low noise as compare to cast iron pots.


Summary of whole story of induction cooktops is if you are already using induction compatible pots and pans go for induction cooktops other than you need to invest on cookware as well that are compatible with induction stovetops. So this concludes the topic for Induction Cooktop Pros Cons India 2021.

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