International Marketing Strategy 2021- LinguaScribe

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International Marketing Strategy 2021- LinguaScribe

Topic: International Marketing Strategy 2021- LinguaScribe

International Marketing

The online world is a growing opportunity for all those who want to grow their business and sales online. By 2040 it is estimated that 95% of the total sales will become online. But with increasing competition, the chances that your product will grab a position in the market is getting harder and harder.

Well, there is a way to increase your sales easily and effectively, for this to be a reality read below.

Today most of the existing content on the internet is in English,. To be precise 60% of the total content on the internet is in English, whether it be a website, online market, and even the education which is available on the internet is in English as well.

You might be thinking what’s wrong with that, English is a dominant language after all. This is the point where the majority of digital marketers and business owners miss a big chunk of the online market.

In research conducted recently, it was found out that in 2020 only 25.4 percent of the total users of the internet prefer English as their primary language to shop and engage with content online. While the other most languages preferred on the internet according to their popularity can be seen below-

What about the rest 74.6 percent?

In a poll conducted using 2,430 web consumers in eight countries, it was found that

  • About 72% of the customers like to shop and read on the internet in their native language.

  • 56% of the consumers agreed that they bother more about the language they seek the information than the price of the product they want to buy.

To learn more click here.

What is Multilingual Marketing?

Multilingual marketing is marketing your content or product in various languages and countries. To market your product in multiple countries you just need to translate your content into various languages respective to the demand of your product in other countries.

How to Translate Your Content In Multiple Languages?

There are three ways of doing so and they are listed below with their pros and cons.

Manual Translation

In this method, you can either learn the language of the country in which you expect your product to grab the market on your own and then translate the content. Or else, you can hire some professionals to get the job done for you.


  • Cheapest if you do everything on your own


  • Learning and mastering a language will require about 4-6 months

  • Hiring a professional will cost you lots of money

  • Very expensive and time-consuming if you want to convert your content in multiple languages.


Using Translation Softwares

Using software for translation is cheaper as compared to manual translation. Also, it requires less time and effort to convert any content to any required language.


  • Cheaper

  • Less time consuming

  • Convenient


  • Translation software can still be expensive for small businesses and beginners.

  • Some software may have a bad user interface

  • Need to learn how to use them.

  • Not all languages are available.

  • Bad robotic voices for audio content.


Lingua Scribe

Lingua scribe is one of the most advanced and versatile software available in the market.

It gives you a wide variety of languages to translate your co to use into your visual and audible contents. To learn more about Lingua Scribe Click Here.


  • Good User Interface.

  • 108 Languages to choose from.

  • 322 life-like Human Voices

  • Can translate text, HTML, and audio.

  • Cheaper than other similar software in the market

  • Costs just $57 which is a one-time payment.


Lingua Scribe – The Most Powerful Voice & Language Toolkit

Lingua Scribe is loaded with tons of features that open a wide range of opportunities for you to grow your business earn much more income from your work.

Also, it comes with a commercial license, which means that you are commercially allowed to translate content and sell it to customers. No other software at this price point allows you to sell its content.

Also, there are various restrictions on other platforms like limited storage, limited conversion options, and no transcription options are provided.

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Why Use LinguaScribe?

Lingua Scribe provides you with awesome additional features that are almost impossible to get at such a small price point.

By using Lingua Scribe you can transcribe and translate unlimited content for your clients and can charge them thousands of dollars.

Get Lingua Scribe Right Now.

Features Included

  • 500 Minutes of Free Voiceover

  • A.I. Powered Translation (100+ Languages)

  • Mass Workflow Technology (200 Workflows a Month)

  • 100+ Life-Like Voices

  • Translate & Record Unlimited

  • Advanced Transcription Technology

  • Advanced Voiceover Technology

  • Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text, or Speech-to-Speech Ability

  • Comes with a Commercial License


Enjoy The
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