Is Plant Based Protein Powder Good for You?

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Is Plant Based Protein Powder Good for You?

Topic : Is Plant Based Protein Powder Good for You?

Is Plant based Protein Powder Good for You? What is Plant-Based Protein powder? This question popped up in everyone’s mind, and that question was basically just asking Is plant Based protein powder good for you? There are a lot of different questions to cover. Read more about Is Plant Based Protein Powder Good for You?.

We cover a lot of Day to Day utility Products at But firstly I will explain What is Plant-Based Protein?

What is Plant Based Protein?

Plant protein is basically a meaningful nourishment wellspring of protein which is from plants. This gathering can include pulses, tofu, soy, tempeh, seitan, nuts, seeds, certain grains, and even peas.

Pulses are an enormous gathering of plants, which include chickpeas, lentils, beans, (for example, dark, kidney and adzuki beans) and split peas.

Is Plant based protein powder good for you?

The Simple answer is Yes. Plant Based Protein Powders are Good for You. First of all, I have different Points to cover this answer. Few of reason is why I am saying that Plant Based protein powder good for you.

  • Plant Based Protein Powders are less in calories.
  • They are less in Fat as compared to Animal based Protein.
  • They are good at Friendly Fiber.
  • Our bodies’ natural pH levels can be balanced through plant-based protein powder.
  • You have probably ever heard that plant-based diets offer a lot of extra vitamins and minerals to your diet.

Why People opt Plant-Based Protein Powders?

First of all, you need to know that in majority only two types of person go for plant-based Protein powders

  • Those who are Vegan.
  • Issues with Animal-Based Protein

It is because you actually are a vegan or just because you get certain negative effects when you use regular animal-based protein powders.

Plant Based Protein Powder Vs Whey Protein?

But in any case, how do vegan or Plant-Based protein powders compare to whey or egg or casein protein powder? And can you use Plant Based Protein Powder as part of your muscle-building diet?

A pretty good portion of Plant-Based Protein Powder is based on combinations of pea protein and brown rice protein. But there are a lot of other forms as well. There’s hemp, soy, and Keano of potato.

The very simple answer which I would say that plant-based protein powders can be used as part of a complete balanced diet where you’re getting enough total daily protein.

And a variety of different sources to ensure that you’re getting all of the individual amino acids, that you need.

It is completely fine to use just as a way to help you hit your protein needs for the day.

  • Animal Based Protein Powder is Superior?

Now, it is true on an individual gram for gram basis that’s an animal-based protein powder like whey or casein will have a superior amino acid profile and higher absorption rates in comparison to a plant-based protein.

However, in the context of an overall diet where you’re consuming enough total daily protein for your goals, it’s really just not going to matter in the bigger picture.

And that’s because as long as you’re getting enough total protein per day through a variety of different sources, you’ll already be getting enough absorbable protein and enough of the individual amino acids that you need to optimize muscle recovery and growth.

How much Protein should you eat?

Remember that your body can only use and your body only needs a limited amount of protein over any given period and consuming more protein and more amino acids than your body can actually utilize.

That’s not going to somehow boost your results further. And if you take a look at the research that is available on protein intake for athletes and bodybuilders.

The required numbers are actually a lot lower than most people think, Zero point eight grams per pound of body weight daily will be enough for most people.

  • How much Protein Should Vegans Eat?

If vegans want to be fully on the safe side since plant-based proteins are less absorbable than they could increase that to zero point nine grams or one gram.

  • In which case, Plant-Based Protein is not recommendable

Just sort of as a cautionary thing. But almost certainly there’s no scenario where more than one gram per pound of body weight would be needed.

I mean, yeah, if there was some bizarre scenario where you could only consume, say, 50 grams of protein per day and you had to make the absolute best of that, then, yeah. In that case, whey or egg or casein would be the better choice.

  • Is Plant Based Protein Powder is Good for normal muscle Growth?

But if we’re talking about a normal standard body-building diet where you’re getting enough of a sufficient amount of overall daily protein, then vegan protein powder is completely fine to use for whatever your reasons might be.

Now you can easily find reasonably priced vegan protein powders that will give you just as much protein for one scoop as whey protein.

Best way to take Plant Based Protein Powder?

And I’ve actually experimented with a few different ones lately just to see what they’re like:

I found that when I blend them up with my smoothies with, you know, fruit, veggies, oats, nut butter and whatever else, they taste just as good, too.

So not much else to say on that. Plant Based protein powders are totally fine to use.


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