lead generation system in 2021 – Collects Leads For Recurring & Long Term Income

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lead generation system in 2021 – Collects Leads For Recurring & Long Term Income

Topic : lead generation system in 2021 – Collects Leads For Recurring & Long Term Income

So now the time what is the most effective and most difficult method to get high converting traffic

I think you are all very well known for that

Yes, I am talking about SEO  because today Everyone wants some information on a particular topic.  he/she has the first preference has Google or YouTube. Read more about lead generation system in 2021

That’s why it is becoming more important for a content creator to rank higher on Google and YouTube that is so difficult because of such a high level of competition.

I think if you have a website and trying to rank on google maybe you have this difficulty as well and you very well know about the competition in Google and youtube SEO

However, getting high rankings is no easy thing in 2020 as:

♠   You need to build thousands of high-quality backlinks or spend $500+ on a software

♠   It’s almost impossible to find good keywords to rank high

♠   You have no control over your rankings

♠   Software that boosts your rankings often comes with hidden costs

♠   Google or YouTube algorithm always changes

How to solve this problem of Ranking

I know SEO is a difficult and demanding task. To be honest, I hate it, too. However, we can’t deny that the traffic potential in SEO is absolutely insane. In reality, there are millions and millions of people going to Google and YouTube every day to search for your solution. Whatever jobs or niche they are in, they all search for information and stuff to buy on Google and YouTube!

However, you don’t need to go through these to generate a quick influx of traffic for your videos because PointRank will do all of these for you! All you need to do is just sit back and enjoy the results! Let’s now dive into my PointRank 2.0 review and see what’s in it for you!

So now let’s find out what exactly Pointrank 2 is ??

Just imagine yourself being in front of your customers, millions of them every day, and your offers, landing pages, blogs, or whatever it is that you want to promote just ranking there for a long time.

Imagine the influx of visitors you’ll get, the instant sales & leads. It’s crazy.

And it can happen to you, It’s not only reserved for the gurus.

Most people today focus on loopholes and the newest “abra-ka-dabra” method.

This is your chance to cash in on something real and automated.

Pointrank 2.0 is an all-inclusive software that allows you to create a video, rank it, and make the rankings last long. You don’t have to do any manual work apart from collecting payments.

This software is built based on a groundbreaking L.G.R.L which is a 4-step formula to skyrocket your video’s rankings.

If getting results like this is your dream, PointRank 2.0 will make it come true


  • Everything You Need Is Inside The Software, No Outsourcing, No Additional Hidden Mandatory Purchases Or Fees,
  • ​Limited Time Only – Get A Commercial License & Provide A Service That Businesses Pay $500+ For,
  • ​Push Rankings Technology For Long Term Rankings (Sticky Rankings),
  • ​All in One Platform To Generate, Optimize & Rank Videos In Minutes,
  • 100% Free Traffic From Google & YouTube,
  • ​Finally, Tap Into The Massive Potential Of SEO Without Actually Knowing SEO.

How It Works STEP BY STEP:

Step 1 – Leverage Million Dollar Videos: Leverage Million dollar videos, the SEO titles, descriptions, and tags that MILLION dollar videos use to RANK.

This step is all about LEVERAGE. We learned that instead of guessing and working hard, spending time on research is a far better time spent. But it sucks butts, so the software grabs it for you. In a few seconds, it will take EXACTLY what makes those big super ranking videos that make as much as millions per month, reverse engineer the SEO elements that make it rank and Grab it for YOUR OWN VIDEO.

This is DROP DEAD simple and AMAZINGLY effective. This is NOT the engine to boost your rankings, but it is the foundation of which without it you cannot rank at all, And with it, you will KILL it,


Step 2 – Generate a Video: Generate a video of your own in 1 second, to rank! In your niche.

This step is the best step. We like unique videos and so does Google (and YouTube) But creating a fancy-schmancy video is pointless if all you want is ranking and traffic, And creating a super simple video that gets the JOB DONE is exactly what you need.

And this software will generate that for you IN SECONDS. And yes, you can go deeper, and edit with more depth and add extra elements, but you don’t need to if all you seek is TRAFFIC,


Step 3 – Rank the Video: Rank the video using an automated live event submission without actually going live and do it to multiple videos at once.

This is the ENGINE that drives your traffic in the first place and pushes everything upwards quickly. It is NO secret that live events are popular, and it’s because they WORK. Youtube and Google promote live videos over standard videos and rankings are usually higher.

But there are a few issues.

Issue #1 – You need to go live without being life or else it’s a waste of time and difficulty.

Issue #2 – Even as you go live, you need to make sure everything is fine without you being present.

Well, this step does it for you and gets you insane rankings in minutes. But that’s not the best part,


Step 4 – Long Term Rankings: Long Term Rankings with sticky technology that ranks the video again and again by going life again and again in a proven manner.

This is by far the part you’ve been looking for because it kills two birds with one stone and gives you amazing automation, and this is the feature no one else has.

So now that your video is live and gets rankings, it’s only a matter of time until it falls back down, and if it’s not persistent enough, you won’t rank for hard keywords as well.

This is why – our tech will keep bumping your live video on page #1, and so you ALWAYS get long term rankings.

Months years even. And this also becomes persistent enough so you rank for harder keywords. So this concludes the topic for lead generation system in 2021.

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