list of top wooden sofa set for your home in India

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Buying a sofa set for your home is a one-time investment to your home decor and home furniture, no doubt, it is one of the expensive furniture of our house but still, it makes our home complete for casual meetings, comfort, gatherings, and more.

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That’s why before buying any sofa set for your home you need to have some information regarding a couple of things like

  • Colour and texture for sofa
  • Type of upholstery for sofa
  • Styles of sofa

Colour And Texture for sofa

Choosing color and texture for your sofa is very important in terms of home decore and maintenance perspective, to decide color for your sofa you need to figure out what type of tone do you want from your sofa either

  • Modern or
  • Casual.

If you go with a modern and formal appearance then I suggest you pick light colors like olive, off blue, beige, and more like this. this will brings calmness and welcome nature to your guest.

And if you go with the Casual appearance then select the bright colors like red, blue, green etc or you can prefer prints on them too.

Now, let’s talk about texture, texture on the sofa give it an actual beauty, That’s why while selecting sofa texture always be cautious. And the second most important thing to note down is stains are less visible on sofa with some texture.

Upholstery for sofa 

There are basically 3 types of sofa material are available in the market

  • Fabric
  • Leather
  • Leatherette

Fabrics are most common among all of the upholster available for sofa in the market because of their low cost, leather and leatherette are expensive that’s why people often prefer premium fabric over leather.

While selecting fabric for your sofa you need to be a little wise as this will decide the durability of your sofa appearance, but before that you need to know about a basic term called “Double Rub“.

Double rub is the industrial standard for the measurement of strength of your fabric material, the greater the double rub of your fabric greater will be the strength of your sofa material.

The best example for durable sofa material are

  • Microfibre
  • Canvas
  • Premium fabric

Styles of sofa

there are lots of styles of sofa are available in the market but we will discuss a few of them which are very popular.

  1. English roll arm sofa- this type of sofa brings an 80s traditional look to your home decor and can be easily identified by its rolled arm and tight back.
  2. Lawson sofa- this type of sofa is almost similar to an English roll arm sofa but arms are a little shorter than the back and could fit in both traditional and contemporary look.
  3. Mid-century sofa -this type of sofa are popular for their modern appearance and are easily identified by clean design with wooden legs.
  4. L- shape sofa- this type of sofa are very popular nowadays as this saves a lot of space and provide a very sleek appearance to your home decor

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