June 3, 2021

Make money by Flipping Furniture on Craigslist – Beginners course USA 2021

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What if I told you… you could earn an extra $200, $500, or even $1,000+ working a few hours at home? You would probably go for it. It’s a no-brainer.

Flipping furniture is an excellent way to make extra cash in your free time. The best part is, all it requires is a few easy-to-learn skills. This makes it one of the most beneficial side hustles that you can start now.

So you would want to know “ How to make $1000 per week Flipping Furniture on USA Craigslist?

Before we come on to the part where we make money let’s understand the 3 step process to earn profits –

Find furniture to flip

Step one is to get the inventory. 

Look around… Most people are ready to provide you with the inventory for free!

Or let’s say for extremely discounted prices.

The best places to find furniture to flip are:

  • Garage Sales.

  • The side of the road.

  • Facebook marketplace.

  • Even dumpsters.

Second step 

Decide if it’s an instant flip, or you will have to refurbish it!

Instant flips are types of furniture that are in good condition but undervalued or someone is just giving it for free. 

On the other hand, there are pieces of furniture that need a little bit of work… ones refurbished could be sold for a good value.

3rd and the last step is 

Putting the flipped furniture in front of the potential buyer 

Make it look good in the pictures so that the moment people lay their eyes on the furniture and instantly get connected with it and end up buying it.

I believe you would have understood what all, the course will teach you and equip you to list your furniture on craigslist or any other marketplace, to make decent money, and eventually make a business out of it. 

Step-by-step course to earn profits 

We have a long list of students who joined the course as a beginner end up flipping furniture for a living. The course will provide you video instruction with a step-by-step approach structured to take you from a beginner to envisioning, designing, and creating custom looks for your furniture all on your own. This program will guide you through all the foundations you need to take outdated furniture and furnish it with a fresh look.

The course will also show you how to flip your furniture makeovers for a profit and how to charge clients for commission pieces just like a large number of our students do. We truly believe anyone can use paint and their own creativity to transform furniture into something special.

>>Register in this course and let’s start making furniture stunning one bit at a time!!


Advantages of enrolling for Flipping Furniture (Best Side Hustle in 2021)

  • How to make your space ready so that you are set for a steady flow of furniture!

  • Learn to gather your tools (most of which you most likely own) at a discount!

  • Getting the best color/quality paint to utilize for larger profit margins!

  • Learn which type of furniture sells the fastest, AND for the most money!

  • Learn the key strategies for distressing that’ll impress your buyers!

  • Learn How to turn a furniture piece into a Mid Century Modern piece with just one single tweak!

  • Learn to create professional-looking photos using simply your smartphone and natural light!

  • Learn our pricing strategies for increasing your furniture’s overall perceived value!

  • Learn to build up your brand on social media for locals to find, and follow you!

If furniture flipping transformed our student’s life, why can’t it change others? There are number of reasons that a lot of newbies are getting success instantly:

  • It doesn’t demand a lot of funds to get started.

  • It’s SUPER enjoyable and fulfilling.

  • It’s fast for adding additional money.

  • There are zero technical skills needed.

Common mistakes people make when they first start. 

Believe us, we hear stories of people who made plenty at the beginning that cost them a fortune!

❌The incorrect paint. 

❌The faulty sandpaper? Yep.

❌The incorrect paintbrush? Duh. 

❌The improper places to buy tools? YESSSSS!


The list goes on.

Luckily, you have us as your guide to help you along every step of the way!!

Is Furniture Flipping a Worth Side Hustle?

Though furniture renovation is a tricky venture to build. Much of profitability depends on the talent to spot bargains, efficiently spruce up old pieces, and efficiently sell to buyers. 

This is where a beginner needs good hand-holding. The course teaches how to avoid negotiation and get the price you asked for the first time. How to avoid a furniture bidding war. Learn the skill to pitch exactly what to say and avoid over communication with the potential customer. And the ultimate tool is the right pricing strategy. 


Wondering Why Is Furniture Flipping a Good Side Hustle?

While earnings are great as you gain expertise in the different aspects of restoring and reselling used furniture, the possibility to make money is instant.   

The step-by-step program will help you master the gig in terms of 

  • Best practices to strip old paint without running it. 

  • Properly cleaning the furniture without using harsh chemicals.

  • Building strategy for distressing to impress a potential buyer.

  • Developing an eye to refurbish or not.

  • Turning dull furniture into a shiny masterpiece.  

The flexibility given by this gig is amazing along with a huge bonus. There are no set hours, no deadlines, and the best part is the product does not expire. You can work at your own pace and convenience.

Any connections you build with legitimate buyers and sellers can be turned into regular contracts in terms of growth. You can say that the sky’s the limit with furniture restoration, depending on your skills and capabilities.


Best Places to make money Online Flipping Furniture

Selling online offers a variety of marketplaces that specialize in pairing the sellers with the buyers.

Though Craigslist is the oldest and one of the top original online marketplaces for local goods, you can sell on Facebook Marketplace, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, AptDeco, etc among the newer ways to sell your flipped furniture. 

During the module of Furniture Flipping course, you will also learn 

To list your furniture to get in front of passionate buyers swiftly.

To register for the Flipping Furniture course and start making money.

Final Thoughts

There’s exceptional potential built into this rewarding side hustle if you have the skills and the interest to take on furniture flipping.


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