MARUTI ENTERPRISE Portable Electric USB Juice Maker Juicer in india

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MARUTI ENTERPRISE Portable Electric USB Juice Maker Juicer in India


Hello friends, today we are going to review portable juicer blender because it is a battery operator juicer blender.

This little body light weight design makes it portable and convenient for you to charge

Easy to take to school, office, parks, whatever you want. And this power bank, laptop, computer,


Convenient for charging by car or any other USB devices.


We can recharge it. It comes in three colors Red Blue and Green with a Micro USB cable


Also, it comes with a manual card as well, you can see all the details on it.


You have to use, what precautions to take, you will get all the details inside it


You can see very light compacting weight and its design is also very cute.


If we talk about its build quality then the build quality is very premium even though it is made in China but


Its quality is absolutely premium in that you also get a tape. It is of rubber, you can make it easy.


You can take it anywhere, comfortably as well as talk about its girl


Its lead is also made of very durable plastic and its seal is very good.


And speaking of its cup, it is made of ABS material.


And its blade is made of tenlas steel and it has a very strong blade


Best MARUTI ENTERPRISE Portable Electric USB Juice Maker Juicer

Best MARUTI ENTERPRISE Portable Electric USB Juice Maker Juicer 


MARUTI ENTERPRISE Portable Electric USB Juice Maker benefits

  • Its capacity is 380ml
  • Motor model DC 3 point 6 volt
  • Working current 10-12 AMP
  • Battery 3: 7 v is 2000 MAh
  • Item Weight400 Grams
  • Blade materialStainless Steel

Full charging takes 3 hours, you can recharge this easily from mobile adapter or power bank

Its battery is charged in full 3 hours, once you charge the battery, you use it 10 to 12 times by itself.

You can also charge mobile in emergency, this is the power bank system

You can carry it anywhere, anywhere you can make it Mango shake, shake lassi or how you cold coffee

You can make it, you can take it anywhere easily if you have gone out somewhere

There you just have to buy fruits and you can juice it anywhere

Mango juice can also be made and its quality is also very good.


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