McKinsey Company Email Marketing Study – Is Email Marketing the Best Technique?

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Email is still a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media. McKinsey & Company Email Marketing Study shows that email marketing is still 40 times more effective at reaching your target customer than Twitter or Facebook.

Here are 5 reasons that why email marketing is the most effective than running a social media campaign?

McKinsey & Company Email Marketing Study - Email marketing is more effective

1. Email has good reach.

Among the clearest reasons is that there are approximately 3.8 billion people using email today.

While Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram have increased their user base, for most companies the chances are better, your target customer has an email address.

2. Email is more customizable.

Email marketing gives you a far greater ability to create customized campaigns based on the interactions of your potential customers.

With marketing automation tools, you can make campaigns based on the type of contact (inbound direct, customer, referral, etc).

This gives you far greater control of your marketing and sales message than you can achieve on social media alone.

By personalizing and customizing your email interactions, you can increase the opportunity to close new business deals among your target audience.

email is personal - McKinsey & Company Email Marketing Study

3. Email is very personal.

Regardless of what people say about their email inbox, the reality is that it’s still the place where your potential clients communicate the most.

It’s easy to skip over a Twitter feed or go days without checking on Facebook, but the average American checks their email as much as 80 times per day (based on some studies).

4. Email is totally permission-based.

Sure, Twitter and Facebook are permission-based but not totally. They rely on people to”follow” or”like” your company, but a follow or a like is far less of a commitment to you than a potential customer that gives you an email address.

Understanding how to attract visitors to your site and create opportunities for them to convert to leads through email newsletter content or forms.

5. Emails are measurable.

Virtually every email marketing tool permits you to tell exactly who’s opening your emails, what they do with them (i.e., click on your links), and what they do when they then visit your site.

Email also makes it effortless to”test” different campaign messages, and measure the response, in real-time.

 Take action - McKinsey & Company Email Marketing Study


The reality is that email is the point where the message actually gets to your potential customers. The good news is that email marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or scary. In fact, it’s never been easier to efficiently reach your customers through simple tools such as GetResponse and AWeber.

If you would like to learn more about which email marketing tool to pick that suits your business.

As the McKinsey & Company Email Marketing Study shows that email marketing is still the best method of marketing method. That’s the reason that big businesses have already learned that and they only primarily focus on email marketing instead of wasting time in running a social media campaign.

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