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You know your business needs a lucrative sales advantage of some sort. I mean, you see all the things on Pinterest about how to balance your business with a good funnel.

But it all sounds like a MORE workout … all the pieces and parts and how it all comes together to make a functional necklace. 

There should be a better way, right? A simple, profitable 5-step sales strategy.

Sorry to say, but there is no easy way to make your business more successful without getting a sales profit. 

But… no one said it needed to be a very complex task! 


I have more details on why you need a funnel for your business at this:

  • making sales when you’re sick, on vacation, or sleeping

  • keep in touch with your customers from the time they sign up until they purchase

  • Once you have organized your funnel, you can set it up and forget it and focus your time and energy on other aspects of your business. 

So how do you set up this amazingly simple Funnel?


The following way of the funnel is the most basic form of a funnel that every business should have. Don’t get me wrong. There are many types of funnels that vary with your business type, the end goal, and tools, but this one I found to be the easiest way even for newbies and is beneficial for all types of businesses.


The first stage of any sales funnel will be your content.

This may include your blog posts, your tube videos, podcasts, or other types of free content where you assist your customers. Now you may not realize that this is the most important thing for your machine but without your content, how can readers find it?

Readers are always looking for solutions to their most common problems. As long as you provide quality content that solves that problem, you can now add new readers to your funnel, such as the new vacuum.


This is where you get your new clients to provide their email address to find something special. For this to work, you have to offer the opt-out when your students actually want to. It should solve the problem, be easy to use, and easy to use.

Checklists, e-books, videos, resource pages, and workbooks are all good examples of free entry that you can put on your site.

While most seem to be plagued by this possibility of creating intrusion into all business models. You just need to create art.

Do you have a product-based business? Offer a discount or free item on their first purchase. I bet you signed up for a ton of this without even realizing you were getting into the sales box. And you know? Those emails I get from Carter always undoubtedly draw me to their place. Email marketing works guys!


The TripWire is often overlooked but is the first way to monetize your email list.

The tripwire is a small product that is offered at a really low price (think between $ 7 and $ 20) and is available for as little as 30 minutes or less. Once readers have signed up for your email list, they will be redirected to your tripwire page where they can purchase a limited time product Or not.

This offering works by combining a sense of urgency at a great price. If they don’t get it now, they are out!

You can offer a truly standard product at a pretty low price, or maybe you have a larger product (like a tutorial with several modules), and you can provide one module as your tripwire.

The tripwire offer allows you to make money quickly on your list (many people use this to break even their Facebook ads) and gives your customers a look at your products. It’s like having a taste test before buying a wedding cake.

This step is not required! If you’re just starting with no product or want to get some basic funnel support don’t worry about adding a tripwire until later. You can easily skip right to your receiving sequence.

Click Here To Get Your Free Sales Funnel Builder


It doesn’t matter if new subscribers buy your product or not; they should be automatically included in the order of magnification you receive. This sequence will help your new subscriber get to know you and your business and feel free to buy from you.

I use an easy 5-step email sequence that is added to all my getresponse automation.

You can find your Easy Email Funbook Workbook below but Here are some basic steps.

  • Welcome your new subscribers and send them their freebie.

  • Send them a quick yet very important tip.

  • Discuss a quick matter that somehow relates to your product or business.

  • Filter hats. This will filter all subscribers using split-level links so you can only send them the information they care about and are likely to read and respond to.

  • Christmas email. This is the last email about your receiving order, and you will send it an extra freebie. The required print size or list of your favourite services is good for this last email. You want your students to feel important.


The last part of your lucrative sales activity is that dreaded sales email. Everyone hates to ask for a sale, but if you never ask for it, you will never make money with your business. 

I’m a firm believer that if someone on your list stumbles on you asking for a sale (if you’ve provided amazing free content and freebies- don’t spam on your sale all), then you don’t need the list. There were only freebies!

Your product offer email will depend on your product price. If your item is under $ 200, then you can send one email about your product as a small sales page!

If you are offering something at a very high price, I recommend a short sequence. This is where you will highlight benefits, testimonials, arguments, and more to help your client feel comfortable shopping.


This simple yet profitable salesman works for all businesses because you take care of all your subscriber’s needs and their priorities!

  • Offers amazing free content

  • You are expanding your email list by providing a very important freebie

  • Increases your income and allows clients to get a taste of your products

  • Growing your subscribers – lets them automatically learn about you, your business, and your story.

  • You set up your subscribers so they can only get the content they want.

  • Gives them a little extra that shows you care

  • You take the time to educate yourself on your products automatically.

The best part? This is all done on autopilot! If set up, you will be getting subscribers, buyers, and loyal followers without spending a whole day on social media platforms.


You don’t need a lot of good tools to match your sales revenue, especially when you first start. I recommend using free funnel builder i.e Groovefunnel, a really good email service provider like getresponse and build all graphics in Canva.

This is the first type of funnel I use in my business. You don’t need an incredibly complex system to make money in your business!

Building sales revenue for your business doesn’t have to be difficult. Exploitation my 5-step strategy, you’ll be able to simply produce an easy funnel for any business model.

What are your biggest fears about setting up a funnel?

I’d love to hear from you! 

(Highly recommended  free funnel builder: GrooveFunnel)


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