My Chess Evolution 2021

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My Chess Evolution 2021

Topic : My Chess Evolution 2021

Mastering Chess Strategy Paperback

Chess Study Plan

I’ve decided to log my chess study. I had originally planned a more regimented study plan, but I’ve revised it upon taking into consideration my true dedication to improving at chess, rather than the idealized dedication I had previously envisioned. Read more about My Chess Evolution 2021.

I’m reading IM Erik Kislik’s excellent Applying Logic in Chess, from which I’ve gained new ideas about the way to study chess and the way to track my progress. Kislik talks about six elements of chess to figure on, using both short-term and long-term study:

(1) Concrete knowledge (particular game positions)

(2) Pattern recognition (tactics)

(3) Calculation

(4) Candidate Moves

(5) Positional Understanding

(6) Logic (reasons for moves)

While he recommends sources like chess software, books, expert advice (coaching if possible), and your own tournament games, I’m getting to mainly believe books and opening DVDs. I can not really afford to teach, so this may need to do for now, and that I want to place off joining a club until I prop up some weaknesses in tactics, positional understanding, and openings. Kislik recommends various books also as CT-ART 5.0 (now available in 6.0), but I’ve heard the interface may be a bear, so I’ll stick with the various tactics books I have already got and therefore the free unlimited puzzles available on, although my books cover a broader range of tactics, so I’ll rely heavily on them.

My new plan is to easily list the books and software I’m using and log the last three weeks of progress, In this manner, I’ll see what proportion work I’m putting into chess and the way far along I’m moving with each book. Erik says that for the simplest improvement players should play tournament games, analyze those games deeply and also study more chess, then repeat this cycle over and over. For now, I’m getting to simply study a bunch of chess and hold off on playing tournament games. But eventually, I will be able to follow his advice, because the man seems to understand what he’s talking about.

Below are the books, software, and online sources I’m using to enhance my chess understanding. I have never really put an excessive amount of thought into it, nor curtailed it to optimize my learning, but it’s something. it is a little bit of an assortment immediately. Later I’ll streamline it to account for the six elements Erik talks about. This list doesn’t include the books I’ve already read, which I’d list and review as separate entries within the blog, except for this entry, it’s just what I’m currently performing on. So this concludes the topic for My Chess Evolution 2021.


Book/Software 07/14/18 07/21/18 07/28/18
Python Strategy – Petrosian
(380 pages)
p. 31
The Soviet Chess Primer – Maizelis
(400 pages)
p. 60
Learn Chess Tactics – Nunn
(157 pages)
p. 25
Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations, and Games – Polgar
(1037 pages)
p. 126
Chess Endgames – Polgar
(782 pages)
p. 32
1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate – Reinfeld
(180 pages)
p. 12
Applying Logic in Chess – Kislik
(317 pages)
p. 93
Chess Strategy for Club Players – Grooten
(407 pages)
p. 34
Grandmaster Preparation: Calculation – Aagaard
(297 pages)
p. 20
Build Up Your Chess: The Fundamentals – Yusupov
(251 pages)
p. 44
How to Beat Your Dad at Chess – Chandler
(124 pages)
p. 80
The London System (DVD) – Simon Williams
(15 lessons)
3 lessons 1850 Puzzle Rating

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