Neeman’s Wool Shoes India 2021

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Neeman’s Wool Shoes India

Topic : Neeman’s Wool Shoes India 2021 

Is Neeman’s Wool Shoes India ,India’s first shoes made of natural fiber. Let’s find out. 

Neeman’s has brought a good change in the Indian Shoes Industry by introducing Natural Fiber made shoes.  Read more about Neeman’s Wool Shoes India 2021.

Now, what is this Natural Fiber ?


Neeman’s quotes – Merino Wool is the softest and lightest material in the world for making shoes. The Shoes fabric is made from this Australian Merino Wool and is very soft for your feet. Read more about Neeman’s Wool Shoes India.


Neeman's Wool Shoes India

Merino Wool’s unique quality is that it is cool in summer and warm in winter, so you don’t need heavy boots in winter or slippers / sandals in summer.

Here is review of Neeman’s wool Shoes India on Court Wardrobe 6 Parameters.

 1    Brand : Neeman’s Shoes

 Headquarters  –  Hyderabad 

Founded By  –  Mr. Taran Chhabra and Mr. Amar Preet Singh. 

Brand Logo  –  Merino Sheep Head with “N” and “M” all merged together.

‘N’ –>  Neelam  –  Taran Chhabra’s Mother Name.

‘M’ –>  Manjeet  –  Taran Chhabra’s Father Name.

Neeman’s quotes – we believe you should feel good about what you wear. And at Neeman’s we are passionate about making sure your shoes make you feel good and do good for our planet. Its that simple.

Neeman’s further mention that – we choose organic food for our health so why not to choose natural fiber shoes for our feet health. Neeman’s is right in putting a new innovative product in the Indian shoes industry. we should say no to shoes made of synthetic materials and opt for those which are good for our earth.

2    Material 

Neeman’s provides you Australian Merino Wool to your feet. 

Here are the benefits of Merino Wool shoes 

–   Breathable.

–   Temperature Regulating – Warm in Winters and Cool in Summers.

–   Antibacterial and Antimicrobial.

–   Merino Wool is all Natural , Biodegradable and Renewable fiber. 

Upper Material : Shoes top layer is made of Merino Wool fiber.

Innersole : Made of recycled Rubber and Plant based Caster Bean Oil.

Outsole : Diamond pattern gives shock absorbing grip.

3   Design , Style & Shape. 

Design : Designed in London. To give final shape to the product Neeman’s made a team of Australian Merino Wool Farmers and London based shoes designers. Neeman’s have 3 signature styles for Men and Women.

Wool Joggers

Neeman's Wool Shoes India

Wool Sneakers / Walkers

Neeman's Wool Shoes India

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Wool Loafers

Neeman's Wool Shoes India

4    Comfort.

Neeman’s Wool Shoes are claimed to be the most comfortable shoes in India. Neeman’s shoes are comfortable for All Day Wear. They are lightweight , flexible , odor resistant and machine washable. 

5    Occasions.

Neemans’s shoes are all purpose shoes. It fits in all occasions. Joggers are for Running/Morning exercises. Sneakers can be teamed up with formals. you may wear black sneakers in court as its laces closes like formals. Loafers trendy new style shoes. Neeman’s Wool Shoes India 2021

6    Court Wardrobe Conclusion and Suggestions.

–   Neeman’s  –>  Comfort  –>   All Day Comfort.

–   No compromise between style and comfort.

–   India’s First shoes with Merino Wool Fabric

This is the best shoes a Judge / Lawyer / Judicial Officer / Public Prosecutor can have in his shoes collection. 

This is a very light weight shoes.

If you are in all day outdoor work then these shoes are for you. 

It’s a Must have for Law Students as well.

Available in 3 Styles.




Buying Option. Neeman’s Wool Shoes are now available on Amazon.

You can Buy Them by just one click  “Buy From Amazon below.

Neeman’s Wool Shoes India 2021

Neeman's Wool Shoes India

So this conludes the topic for Neeman’s Wool Shoes India 2021.

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