Organic Fertilizer For Plants TrustBasket Vermicompost

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Organic Fertilizer For Plants TrustBasket Vermicompost

Topic: Organic Fertilizer For Plants – TrustBasket Vermicompost

TrustBasket Vermicompost for Plants:

1. Enhances aeration of soil

2. Enriches the soil with micro-organisms (the addition of phosphate and cellulase enzymes)

3. In worm castings, microbial activity is 10 to 20 times greater than in the soil and organic matter eaten by the worm.

4. It attracts deep-burrowing earthworms that already live in the soil.




1. The use of vermicompost from TrustBasket allows plants to stay lush green.

2. The use of vermicompost improves the plants’ immune system.

3. The use of vermicompost fertiliser helps plants grow fruit and flowers of high quality.

4. Vermicompost is simple to use for lawns; it keeps the lawn green all year round.

5. Vermicompost is simple to store and user-friendly. (Store it away from direct sunlight in shady areas).

6. For the kitchen garden, terrace garden, and pot / container plants, this organic compost is the perfect fertiliser.

7. It enhances the ability of the soil to store moisture and increases the number of beneficial bacteria.

8. In this organic compost, all the minor and major elements that a plant needs are present.

In agriculture (organic farming), greenhouse, farmhouse, fruit orchards, lawns, garden trees, pots and plants, vegetable kitchen garden, hanging pots, propagation / grafting / production of nursery plants, terrace garden, and horticulture, vermicompost may be used.

TrustBasket is India’s leading online gardening store that provides plant compost at attractive prices for sale. Purchase and enrich your garden with vermicompost.

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