Review Best Marketing Promo Video Ad Maker Online Software in 2021

5 mn read Review Best Marketing Promo Video Ad Maker Online Software in 2021

Topic : Best Marketing Promo Video Ad Maker Online Software in 2021

What is

The company was established in 2012, launched PROMO in 2016, is termed as the world’s leading marketing video maker. It has a database of over 2million videos to promote your business. Its expertise in creating video ads, social media videos (Facebook & Instagram), product videos, explainer videos, and videos of anything and everything. Read more about Best Marketing Promo Video Ad Maker Online Software in 2021.

Customization of your videos is also available and even you can create your own videos. Promo also provides with a free version where you can get an idea of how it works.

Plus you get the blessings of exceptional 24/7 customer support. So with Promo, you can promote an innovation, a product, a sale, a business, and anything you care about. So with Promo comes the promotion. It’s easy to use and has a versatile high-end video library. It`s fast, easy, and has amazingly good software for making videos.

Promo has a high definition video library to choose from. Promo videos provide you with great videos and software which is easy to use. You can use a Promo video for marketing your business, raising your business awareness, increasing traffic, promotional activities, scale-up engagement, and more. You can customize your videos by adding the right music from the licensed music library so as to give a unique savor to your videos.

Promo videos can be used as software for making marketing video ad makers. You can create short videos for making ads to promote your business. You can optimize videos various aspect ratios i.e wide, square and vertical for desktop and mobile. You can customize your videos by adding text and your brand logos to promote your business.



Best video ad maker?

You can term Promo as one of the best video ad makers to promote anything you care about. It is one of the best in promoting a small business or we can say a business that has a connection to social media marketing like ads on Facebook, Instagram, youtube ads, and many more. Promo provides videos suitable for short ads as people are more interested in viewing short ads than longer ones and promo is quite good for making the short ads.

Promo uses exceptionally good software which is very easy to use and is very fast. It provides you marketing video making software to promote your stuff as nowadays most of the marketing is based around videos. For instance look at Facebook, youtube, Instagram, and almost all app ad videos, all these are super popular and an effective and efficient tool for marketing and promotion. Promo software is really good at making marketing video ads.

How much does Promo cost It offers you flexible plans on monthly as well as annual subscriptions to suit your needs. Its plans are divided into three categories- Basic, Standard, and Pro. Monthly plans start at $49 for Basic, $99 for Standard, and $359 for Pro whereas annual subscription starts at $39/month to $249 per month where you get 2 months for free. So the plans are simple and pricing is transparent where you are provided with various features to choose from according to plan and needs. So pricing is not an issue with is secure for purchases as it guarantees your safety and all your data transfers are secured and encrypted. It accepts all major credit cards. It provides you with features like you can upgrade and downgrade your plans anytime and you can even cancel your subscription. So it can be said that Promo is secure and easy to use as it gives options to reshuffle your plans at any point in time. You can even cancel your subscription at any point in time. There is no contract no obligation for leaving promo. So it’s simple, easy, and secure.

Promo’s marketing video software is the most recommended video-making software which helps you create your video in the most definitive one in this field. You can`t miss out on Promo when we talk about the most creative video making software. You can also use its versatile video library including a royalty-free music library. There are a lot of creative transitions, filters, and overlays to design your video. Promo marketing software is easy to use which consists of various latest tools and motions to make it the best video maker app.



How to make a promo video?

To make a good promotional video you must first identify your goal and decide on durations and video style and outline the idea and write the screenplay and characters. The last thing is how to fit your product into the storyline and at what duration the product appears and how you fit the transition to make a product justify the video. The last step is the storyboard where you finalize the video, what kind of character to be inserted, and the right type of music to justify the whole story. Promo helps you with the best of software to make a video not only look good but to justify the promotion of the product too. reviews — Best Marketing Promo Video Ad Maker Online Software in 2020–2021

Can Promo be used for making a corporate video?

Yes, you can make a corporate video using Promo. You can show what your product is all about, you can do that with style using Promo to boost up the brand value of the product. You can use this video in a meeting as a presentation video or even can mail it to your client. One can assume from this how important Promo is in corporate video making.

Advantages of using

Its software is exceptionally good and easy to use.

Customer care services are extremely good.

Plans and subscription options are flexible and budget-friendly.

Big database of videos and licensed music to choose from.

Has a license for sharing promo videos on several social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, business websites, blogs, Twitter and many more.

You have an option to customize your videos. You can add text, brand logos, and templates to your videos according to your desire.

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Promo Video Maker

Commercial Maker

Social Media Video Maker

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Facebook Video Maker

Facebook Video Ad Creator

Facebook Story Ads

Instagram Video Maker

Instagram Video Ad Maker

Instagram Story Ads

YouTube Video Maker

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Beauty Marketing Videos

Travel Ads


Recruiting & HR Videos

Nonprofit Videos Feature Tools

Online Video Maker

Video Ad Maker

Social Media Calendar

Image Resizer

Free Online Collage Maker

Photos to video maker

Facebook Video Covers

Video Production Cost Estimator

Facebook Ad Budget Calculator

Facebook Ads Troubleshooter

YouTube Money Calculator


In my opinion, is a good option for promotional video making as its plans are flexible and cost-efficient. It provides a good library of HD videos and licensed music to choose from. Its software is extremely efficient and easy to use. So if you want a good marketing video maker to go for PROMO.COM So this concludes the topic for Best Marketing Promo Video Ad Maker Online Software in 2021

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