September 3, 2021

PYTHON VS PHP : Which is better for Web Development? – Artistic Bird

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The demand for online business has increased a lot in the modern era. However, many types of programming languages ​​are used for website development. But PHP and Python are the most popular languages ​​among web developers. The battle between the advocates of the two languages ​​is a war that does not seem to be ending soon. This is due to the fact that both are very powerful and popular programming languages.

Both PHP and Python are in great demand, each of them serving a different purpose. While PHP was initially developed as a web language, Python was created as a general-purpose programming language. But even today it has become a matter of discussion which language is better to choose. If you are also confused, read this post completely. In this blog, we provide a detailed comparison of PHP and Python to help you choose the most suitable one for your web development project.



PHP and Python are both dynamically typed and object-oriented languages ​​that are compatible with many operating systems, therefore, in some ways they are similar. Nevertheless, these languages ​​differ in terms of ease of use.

Unlike Python, PHP was originally developed as a tool for creating dynamic websites and web applications. PHP development can be very complicated due to its rigid syntax.

Whereas Python is quite simple to understand due to its high readability. Furthermore, in Python, the code written can be easily interpreted and read which simplifies the debugging process. For these reasons, it may be easier for a company to hire Artistic bird Python web app developers than an experienced PHP web app development team.



Until recently Python was faster than PHP, but after the release of PHP 7, this has changed. The core PHP team has done a lot to speed up the language so now PHP is faster than Python and many other languages. If developers need to process large amounts of data, higher speeds can significantly improve performance. However, both languages ​​can be used to create simple and small scale.

There are also factors such as hardware resources, code logic, amount of memory, the width of its data path, and access time to the hard disk that can also affect software performance regardless of programming languages. In addition, low storage space, as well as failing RAM or hard drives can slow down software or work with crashes and errors.


The protection

Unlike Python, a large number of PHP apps can have security issues due to outdated coding practices and bad code. Many of these issues have been resolved through the involvement of the PHP community. Nevertheless, experienced web app developers can use both languages ​​to build secure applications if the latest security practices are followed.


Community support

Both Python and PHP have great community support. PHP has been on the market since 1995 and has managed to build a large community of developers who are ready to provide support. Python was also first released in 1991. Like its rival, Python has a large community of developers who are constantly developing web applications, and therefore the community’s support is outstanding. Therefore, given the popularity of the languages, both PHP and Python developers can rest assured that they can find help or valuable advice.



If you want to be successful you need to make sure that your apps can be quickly adapted to the changing market and customer needs. Both PHP and Python are good for web app development as they provide a great selection of libraries and frameworks.

Python also provides several robust frameworks for web app development, such as Flask and Django. Both frameworks are very fast, secure, and scalable. However, Python-based solutions offer even greater scalability thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.


Web Development in Python and PHP

Despite the fact that Python was created as a general-purpose language, while PHP was developed as a language for the web, they are both suitable for web app development.

The choice of language should depend on the needs of a particular project. Meaning if a company wants to develop a small or medium-scale project with limited features, PHP would be a good fit.

If a company wants to simplify or speed up the development process, it should also use PHP because of its ready-made tools. PHP can also be a great choice for e-commerce websites and content management as it offers unmatched integration with various 3D party apps.

One of the advantages of Python is the fact that it is widely used in AI, data science, and the scientific community. This language provides a lot of libraries like Pandas, Theano and so on that work stably with machine learning technology in a web environment. Also, if a company intends to use technologies like Big Data, Python can be an ideal choice.

However, the choice of a particular language requires a thorough knowledge of all the nuances of its use. For companies that have no technical background, it can be difficult to make the right choice on their own.

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