Quick and easy slimming recipes Weight loss USA 2021

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Quick and easy slimming recipes Weight loss


Quick and easy weight loss recipes Many of us when doing a diet regimen we feel after a while bored of repeating the items that we eat, but we are ignorant of the recipes that are delicious, easy, and fast and help to lose weight as well. You should also follow a very fast diet


Quick and easy diet recipes (basic meals)

Banana recipe with spinach

It is a banana, a quarter kilo of spinach, a spoonful of honey, with a cup of only a quarter of water and 15 grains of almonds, then we multiply all these ingredients in the blender until all of them are homogeneous and then eat them as a complete meal for breakfast and this meal is of high nutritional value


At the same time, it works to lose weight because it contains very low calories. It does not raise blood sugar and create fats because spinach plays an important role as it works on the body’s sense of satiety for a very long period because it takes a lot of time to digest it, so it legitimizes you not feeling hungry. For the longest possible period as it contains


I have many vitamins that the body needs, including vitamin A, vitamin G, and vitamin K.


Oatmeal Diet Pizza

This recipe is one of the quick and easy weight loss recipes that work great on weight loss due to the ingredients it contains. Since oats are the hero of the recipe for what they do, oats contain fiber. When you enter the stomach, it fills it, so you feel full for a very long period. It also works to regulate the level of sugar present in the blood and also treat digestion problems.

Tarifa prepare oatmeal pizza for slimming


It consists of a cup of soft oats, half a cup of brown flour, a quarter cup of wheat germ, a suspension of white honey, a large spoon of instant yeast, and water for kneading


How to prepare

Put all the ingredients on a plate and knead them well with water, then leave them to ferment for half an hour, then monkey them and put on their favorite vegetables such as tomatoes, olives, peppers, and onions. Quraish cheese can be put and tuna can be put and cooked in the oven at a high temperature until settlement


Quick and easy slimming recipes


Popcorn is one of the foods that help in losing weight, and it is a quick and easy diet recipe because it contains low calories, and it contains substances that act as antioxidants to help in losing weight. Popcorn is popular for adults and children, so it can be eaten by all members of the family, not only those who diet, and also for popcorn has other benefits, as it helps prevent heart disease, cancer, psoriasis and protect the bones from fragility, as it helps to get rid of constipation and some stomach problems



Many people do not know the importance of nuts in losing weight and also on the general level of physical health and fatigue, there are types of nuts that help in the process of losing bodyweight, but on the condition that they are not roasted and are also not salted. For example, eating nuts before a meal reduces the feeling of hunger and gives the body a feeling With satiety, it works to fill the body’s appetite, so it is recommended to eat it before eating meals. An example of these nuts is



Raw almonds are the first of its kind that is used as an aid to the process of losing weight, as it gives the body a sense of satiety for a long time, which makes you eat a small amount of the basic meal, whether it is eaten before breakfast, lunch or dinner, and it also helps the stomach to work on a regular basis.



Ain al-Jamal, which is not salted, also works on the individual’s sense of satiety and reduces the proportion of cholesterol as it contains omega-3 and protein, as well as pistachio and cashew nuts.


Tips for quick weight loss

When following a diet, attention should be paid to the following things, not to be exposed to health problems, namely

Drinking more water throughout the day to meet the body’s need for water and not to be dehydrated

Pay attention to eating fruits rich in fiber in large quantities because they help to feel full and give the discount on the vitamins you need

Paying attention to the breakfast meal and not neglecting it because it is considered the most important meal and making sure to eat it at a regular time every day

Ensuring that you practice exercises continuously to maintain a fit and graceful body, is of great importance in burning fat

Pay attention to foods with fiber that help in losing weight, such as oats, fruits, and vegetables

Staying away from sleeping immediately after eating because causes a lack of burning of fats and then an increase in body weight and also causes many other health problems


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