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Viral Traffic!

Mightee Is The Powerful Viral Traffic Software That Sends Floods Of Hyper Targeted Traffic To Any Site You Please, At The Push Of AButton

3 Built-In Viral Elements Can Send You Unlimited Super Targeted Traffic

Trigger’s People’s Innate Desire To Compete And Win To Get You Visitors

Comprehensive Software Creates And Manages All Aspects Of Viral Contests

Quick Click Templates Make It Point And Click Easy To Use For Anyone

Easy Integrations Connects With The Services You’re Already Using

Follows The Scientific PFA Algorithm For Generating Unlimited Viral Traffic

100% Risk Free Satisfaction Guaranteed To Drive All The Traffic You Need

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Point And Click Simple | Hyper Targeted Traffic | Risk Free Guaranteed


Of Any Online Business And Without It You’re Dead In the Water.

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Yet, with it, you can make real money online, day in and day out. And with unlimited streams of viral hyper targeted traffic the world is practically yours to do as you please.

Mightee is a high powered software system that was engineered by the top programmers and marketing experts in the industry.

It’s built on the same foundation that Men’s Health, Lego, Domino’s Pizza, DC, Lays, and many more mega corporations have been using to get millions of viral visitors to their respective websites.

The power of Mightee is based on a secret money algorithm called PFA, which puts viral sharing on steroids.

This little known under the radar PFA algorithm is a scientific formula built off human behavior that triggers people to act a certain predictable way.

Imagine, now, getting people to visit your websites and take action is as easy as following this step by step formula for success:

Take a look at how Domino’s Pizza used the power of PFA to put their Facebook post on viral engagement steroids:

If you notice, Domino’s Pizza created a viral giveaway social contest to win free pizzas and this one single post generated over 5K+ in likes organically!

The reason for it?

In order to win, you need to first head over to the contest link posted in the description and then engage with the post by liking, sharing and commenting to qualify!

This viral rave about participating and doing EXACTLY what Domino’s Pizza wants them to do builds up Facebook’s viral algorithm and bumps this post up on everyone’s newsfeed — getting Domino’s unlimited viral traffic for themself!

Do you think this virality is a coincidence?

Of course not.

Domino’s Pizza is tapping into the secret PFA algorithm to bilk themself floods of traffic organically!

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Viral Traffic Success System

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