SendinBlue Email marketing services Review (Free & Paid Plans):

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If you are an email marketer/blogger/digital marketer, then you might have come across a lot of free email marketing service providers like Mailchimp, SendPulse, Convertkit, Sender, Mailjet, etc. Have you ever heard of SendinBlue, a complete cloud-based marketing solution that offers the same features as others. Let’s see the overview of SendinBlue’s email marketing services with complete plan features.

SendinBlue in 80 Words:

SendinBlue is a complete marketing solution suite, popular for their services like email marketing, CRM services, marketing automation, landing pages, Facebook Ads with retargeting, SMS marketing, and many more. SendinBlue was founded in 2007 and they are said to be the best all-in-one tools provider for small businesses and one of the best free email service providers on the internet.

As of April 2020, they claim to be having 80,000 users with the serving rate of 100 Million emails/day (that’s a lot, right).

SendinBlue is currently rated 4.5 out of 5 stars in Capterra.

SendinBlue’s Email Marketing Plans:

SendinBlue has 3 paid plans along with a free plan, the paid plans have a free-trial period. So if you want to experience their paid features without spending any money, Click Here.

1.Free Plan (Free Email Marketing Service) 

2. Lite Plan

3. Premium Plan

4. Enterprise Plan

Let’s start with SendinBlue Free plan features:


SendinBlue’s Free Plan Limit:

With SendinBlue’s free plan, you can send up to 300 emails/day which means there is a limit of 300 email sends/day. But when you calculate it for the whole month with 30 days, then you are getting 9000 emails sends/month for free.  So, if you have limited audience of 300 and thinking of nurturing your audience daily with cold emails then SendinBlue’s free plan is more than enough for you.

Special Features of Send:

·         Predesigned Templates

·         Personalized Emails

·         Automation on Request

·         Free SMTP configuration for remote emails sends

·         50+ integrations like Zapier, Paypal, Shopify, WordPress, etc

·         Real-Time Contacts Sync with other CRM services like HubSpot

·         Email Inbox for your business website

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Limitations of SendinBlue’s Free Plan:

·         Landing Page Builder is a paid plan feature

·         Their branding in emails

·         No AB Split Testing

This is all about the free plan features of SendinBlue, if you want to check the top free email marketing services for your business/blog, then click here

SendinBlue’s Lite Plan:

With SendinBlue’s Lite Plan, you can send emails up to 10K – 100K per month, there is no daily limit for Lite plan users. You can also have access to free plan features as well as the paid plans. Anyway, the pricing of SendinBlue’s Lite starts from 25$/month and can go up to 99$/month with usage.

For the Lite plan users, SendinBlue also has a special add-on Lite+ which removes the branding in emails and gives access to other features like A/B Split Email Testing, Advanced Statistics, and no branding at all. However, Lite+ add-on costs around 12$ additionally.

SendinBlue’s Premium Plan:

SendinBlue’s premium plan comes with additional features along with their Free & Lite plan features. With their Premium plan, you can send up to 20K – 1 Million Emails per month and you can also build up to 20 landing pages for getting leads or generating sales. Additionally, they provide support via phone for premium plan users.

With the premium plan, you can run Facebook ads and retargeting ads easily.

The premium plan is recommended for business which has an average to a huge number of audience. However, SendinBlue’s Premium plan price starts from 65$/month to 599$/month. That’s all about the premium plan of SendinBlue, for more details Click here.

SendinBlue’s Enterprise Plan:

SendinBlue’s Enterprise plan is a custom plan for businesses that has a huge audience to nurture more often. As it is a custom plan, the pricing is also customizable and it can be anywhere from 600$/month – 1500$/month.

Coming to the features of the enterprise plan, it includes the features of free, Lite, and premium plans. You’ll get access to a dedicated ip address for sending emails, team access, and Customer Success Manager to make sure you are getting more than what you are investing in them.

You can also build unlimited landing pages with their drag & drop builder for better conversions.

This is all about SendinBlue’s Plans, if you want to know more about digital marketing tools & services do visit

Note: You can try each plan for free by signing up for their Free Trial and you can also join their free plan to test out their services. CLICK HERE to sign up for SendinBlue’s Free Plan.



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