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What is SendinBlue?

SendinBlue is an CRM tool with many features like email marketing, marketing automation, SMS campaigns, and many more to help marketers and businesses to build the relation with their customers or leads. And now we are going to see the different SendinBlue pricing plans and also send in blue email marketing features in detail.

However, the common and main features of SendinBlue pricing plans are:

  • Personalized Email Marketing
  • Advanced Subscriber Segmentation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Signup Form
  • Transactional Emails
  • Sales CRM
  • 50+ Integrations
  • Real Time Contact Sync with other tools
  • SMS Campaigns
  • Custom Email Inbox & Real Time Chat with customers

All common features are explained in the SendinBlue free plan features.

Now let’s see the different pricing plans of SendinBlue:

1. SendinBlue Free Plan Features:

The main features of SendinBlue Free Plan are:

  • Email Marketing – 300 per day
  • Marketing Automations workflows
  • SMTP Server
  • Signup forms
  • Basic Integrations
  • Sales CRM
  • Unlimited Contacts with personalization Subscriber Tags
  • SMS Campaigns
  • Real Time Contact Sync with other apps
  • Custom Domain Email Inbox & Chat

SendinBlue’s free plan is a good one to start if you are unsure of using their paid plans or free trail. You can have access to Send in Blue email marketing with 300 Emails per day as free plan limit, however the contact list is unlimited and in SendinBlue, contact list can be segmented as different lists. So you can add different contacts in different lists and use each one daily.

And you can also send personalized emails to your subscribers by adding the tags. A sales CRM is also provided with the free plan and Send in Blue email marketing also allows transactional emails in this plan.

SendinBlue automation is provided with custom workflows and you can also send SMS campaign in the free plan. An SMTP server is also provided in the Send in Blue free plan. This tool can be integrated with SaaS apps including MailChimp, HubSpot, etc.

Real-Time contact sync can be done with SendinBlue integration feature that allows us to synchronize contacts from other SaaS apps instantly. A custom domain email inbox can be created with SendinBlue CRM to get in touch with your audience.

Click Here to sign up for SendinBlue Free Plan

Now, let’s see the SendinBlue Free Plan Limits:

  • SendinBlue free plan allows only 300 Emails per day, whereas Moosend and ConvertKit provides unlimited emails in their free plan.
  • No A/B split testing in the free plan (best alternatives MoosendSendGrid)
  • Branding in the email sends

However, Send in Blue is one of the best email marketing service providers in both free and premium plans. So it would be better for you to test out SendinBlue’s Free Plan first and decide later. Now, let’s see SendinBlue Basic plan that is named as SendinBlue Lite Plan.

2.SendinBlue Lite Plan Pricing & Features:

The basic plan (lite plan) of SendinBlue starts from 25$ per month to 99$ per month. In the lite plan, you can send emails anywhere between 10K to 100K per month and there’s no daily emails sending limit. The only difference in the lite plan is the email sending limit. All the other features are same in the Lite plan.

Lite+ Plan:

An optional special add-on for the SendinBlue Lite plan which costs additional 12$ per month with the lite plan. The Lite+ add-on completely removes branding in the emails and you can have access to A/B split email testing for the email campaigns. And advanced statistics for the email sends are also provided in the Lite+ add-on.

These are the features of the Send in Blue Lite Plan and the Lite+ add-on, now let’s see the premium plan features.

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Premium Plan:

SendinBlue’s premium plan starts from 65$ per month to 599$ per month and you can send 20K to 1 Million emails/month without any daily limit. You can also run Facebook ads within the SendinBlue’s dashboard in the premium plan. The premium plan includes all the Lite and Lite+ plan features.

5 landing pages can be built with the Sendinblue premium plan to generate leads or sales for your business. There is no branding in emails and landing pages for the premium plan.For the premium plan users, heat map tracking of emails, advanced stats and 3 custom domain email inboxes are provided.

And you can also give access up to 3 members in your tribe for assistance. Phone & Chat support team are assigned to you, if you encounter any issue.

These are the features of SendinBlue’s premium plans and now let’s see the high end enterprise plan.

Enterprise Plan:

SendinBlue’s enterprise plan includes all the features that are in the lite and the premium plans.

Enterprise plan is priced based upon the usage you wanted per month. You can send emails more 1 Million per month and there is no upper limit. Unlimited 20 landing pages can be built in the enterprise plan without deleting the other ones to increase the limit.

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Team access with 10 people can be done and a dedicated IP address is given for the enterprise plan users. There are many other advanced features like Customer Success Manager, SSO & SAML, SLA and a dedicated account manager included in the enterprise plan.

So these are the main features in SendinBlue’s pricing plans, click here to sign up for SendinBlue.

Or if you want to know more about SendinBlue, then click here.

And if you want to know more email marketing tools, then read my article Best Free Email Marketing tools with a perfect mind map included (can be downloaded too) on my blog

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