July 16, 2021

SEOPressor Review: Best SEO Plugin For WordPress

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SEOPressor Review: Best SEO Plugin For WordPress

SEOPressor (Software Optimization Planner) is a free SEO software for WordPress. The main feature that makes SEOPressor stand out from other tools in the SEO category is the variety of variables that are used for optimization. You are not able to control these variables in other tools but this software allows you to do so. It has the ability to monitor your site’s traffic, open ranking position, if your site has been indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo or a number of other search engines, and the phrases that are likely to bring you back to the top of the search engines. This software also allows you to look at what pages or content have seen the most conversions, and also tells you what users are most likely to click on.

The SEOPressor WordPress plugin

It will, furthermore, tell you what are your important keywords, if they are placed in the right position, and how it affects the prospects of your website. The SEOPressor plugin offers the best SEO functionality for your website. It tells you the position of your keyword in the HTML, Meta and title tags, where it is placed and what a better position would be. Moreover, it will tell you, for instance, which title tags and titles of your posts should be optimized. If you create new posts, you will see how your keyword would affect the title of the post. You will then choose the best title tag or title for the post and thus rank it at the top of the SERPs. SEOPressor is one of the top rated SEO plugins for WordPress.


The SEOPressor Dashboard

Here is a simple glimpse of what the dashboard looks like: It looks complicated? There is a reason for that. It is very similar to the same dashboard that Google Analytics has, which seems like a maze to the average person. But it is really not. It takes only a few minutes to familiarize yourself with it and actually comprehend what the dashboard is about. You just need to study for about 10 to 15 minutes before you have any sense of what it is all about. If you are confident of using WordPress CMS as your website platform, then SEOPressor is a great place to start your optimization journey. If you are not confident, then take the time to get to know it first. SEOPressor makes this easy. It just takes a click. For more information, visit www.seopressor.com.

The SEOPressor Analyzer

The SEOPressor analyzer will also tell you about how many pages are there on your site and if you have more than one version of your site, and will point out to where you could cut down the resources needed for your site. It will also help you to know which is the best location for your keywords, so that they will appear in the searches and appear as one word, which in turn is good for the overall performance of your site. It also tells you the best web hosting packages for your website. The SEOPressor Overlay The overlay gives you data on your content management system, plugins and scripts. It also tells you where you need to set the SEO engine and which keywords you should set as your anchor text.

The SEOPressor Optimizer

In short, SEOPressor is an advanced SEO tool that has a lot of features that have been meticulously programmed into the plugin. But most of these features are not available from the SEOPressor site. In case you have a WordPress website, you will have to visit the SEOPressor site and download the plugin for free. You can then either install it on your own or you can get it to your website via Cloudways. To get the plugin to your website, simply copy and paste the following URL into your browser’s address bar: https://www.seopressor.com/install-plugin/browse-suppressor/7149 You can now install the SEOPressor Optimizer via Cloudways. I do not know for sure, but there is a possibility that the SEOPressor Optimizer is free only for commercial websites.

The SEOPressor Notification

It is very simple to use this plugin—just install it and fill your information and then wait for the analysis to be conducted. The results should be available within 24 hours of the analysis and the best part is that you will get all the results in real-time with the availability of the SEO Hacker. This means that in most cases, you won’t have to sit around the office waiting for the results. And while the final result is the one you care about the most, that’s where the notifications come in. Your results are constantly updated in the plugin and you can view your analytics in real-time. You can also go back to the beginning of your site and analyze it from the beginning. All in all, this is one of the best SEO solutions for WordPress out there.

The SEOPressor Pricing

Now, let me tell you what I get for $29.95. What I got in the free version: Limited testing capacity (1 billion keyword/keyword pairs) Right-click management Product skins Search engine notification Search network integration Necessary to use: Automation of meta description & image SEOPressor Configuration Wizard No Database Integration No Contact form (So you can use the free version but be unable to send the emails to people who are interested in purchasing your software) SEOPressor Comparison Chart There are many companies offering SEO/SEO focused plugins for WordPress, but few of them are working the way SEOPressor does. For instance, SEOPressor displays the exact position of your keywords in the SERPs. So you can see exactly where your content is placed on the SERPs.


You just need to search for SEOPressor in the most popular search engines like Google or Bing. SEO is one of the best online marketing strategies nowadays. Having a website that ranks high on the search engines with the right keyword optimization strategy is a good start towards having a booming business. The best WordPress SEO Plugin is, without any doubt, SEOPressor.

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