Super Affiliate System Review: [John Crestani]

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John Crestani, an internet millionaire, recently went over how you can quickly make money online using a simple 3-step system that they refuse to speak about in the media, or in schools.

·         How there are tens of thousands of companies, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Uber, and many more, that will pay you money to post their links online. This information needs to be shared with citizens who dont have jobs.

·         These companies (such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more) put no cap on how much money they will pay you. It makes no sense that people interested in working for these companies are not made aware of this opportunity.

·         The companies John recommends will pay you via a mailed check, direct deposit to your bank account, or through PayPal.

·         Anyone can join, its 100% free, and you can start earning money in under a week. Why is the media not sharing these opportunities with us?!

·         John recently did a training (the recording of it is online, the link is below) on exactly how he and his students make millions of dollars doing this

·         He shows the step-by-step process to quickly make money online on this training, by using his 3 step system of People > Product > Place. 

·         This recording of the training will likely be taken down soon, so if the page is still up, then I suggest you register and watch through the training immediately.

You can register for the training by clicking on this link and watching the training

Affiliate System Out There?

The world of affiliate marketing is growing at a rapid pace, with forecasts predicting that it will have doubled in size by 2025 and even more evident that more and more people are going online during this unprecedented time due to the Covid-19 and adaptation to the New Normal Globally.

One way to ensure that you remain relevant to the current and future market and at the same time getting a piece of this pie is by investing in an affiliate marketing course. It is no secret that nearly every affiliate marketer is promoting Super Affiliate System and many are just trying to promote the course hoping to earn the huge sales commission should you decide to purchase. Be careful to whom you are listening too!! You don’t want to get disappointed.

Read this review carefully as you’re about to get valuable insight and at the same time, It will help you filter out the crap before you spend your hard-earned money. I’m going to keep it simple and get right down to the point. Unlike most of the affiliate marketers promoting Super Affiliate System, I’m going to give you my honest opinion based on what I have gone through after I joined John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System Course.

Needless to say, I’ve personally have attended hundreds of training courses related to affiliate marketing and I do acknowledge that some of those trainings were ‘okay’ but so many more of them were either complete trash or they just want your hard-earned money by attending their courses. With nearly seven years in the industry, I know when someone is blowing smoke up the rear-ends of new inspiring marketers. This is why I’m publishing this Super Affiliate System review to help you in any way before you decide to make the purchase. Super Affiliate System is a well-known affiliate marketing course that a lot of people have tried and professed success with [I’m one of them].

No doubt that the Super Affiliate System course is on the pricey side, so before you hit the buy button, I’m very sure that you want to find out everything you can about this course to decide if it is right for you. Well, you’re in the perfect place to do just that. I will break down exactly what Super Affiliate System comprises of, as well as its pros and cons, and if it’s worth the money.

What Is the Super Affiliate System?

The Super Affiliate System is a course created by John Crestani designed to give affiliate marketers everything they need to get started on the road to becoming a super affiliate.

Super affiliates, such as John, are affiliate marketers who have developed highly successful strategies that net hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of dollars of net income. While super affiliates aren’t born overnight, the Super Affiliate System is intended to fast track the marketer’s progress by giving them the tools to set up successful affiliate marketing programs from the get-go.

What’s in the Super Affiliate System?

The Super Affiliate System by John Crestani is one of the most extensive courses on the market I have ever seen containing over 50 hours of content and spanning over 6 weeks. The program features video lectures and tutorials, paired with homework assignments and re-cap of every completed session.

What the Program Covers?

The Super Affiliate System is designed to provide affiliate marketers regardless whether you are a complete beginner or pro with a comprehensive system for becoming super affiliates. Therefore, the range of this course is extensive. John Crestani covers a wide variety of paid traffic sources that can be used to get quicker results to rank for organic traffic. He starts off solo-ads, then teaches Google Ads, FaceBook, and a few other methods. What makes this course different is he literally sets up campaigns using these traffic sources that you can follow step-by-step [A very clear step-by-step with detailed explanations], even a real beginner can understand from A to Z.

Believe it or not, that’s rare.

Even more rare is he gives you tons of targeting data, including buyers lists for niches such as Bizopp, Blood Pressure, Bedbugs and again what is really rare is that he gives his video ads for you to use as part of the package and even more rare is his videos and other valuable data are all current and up-to-date and many more.

The list that I mentioned earlier allows you to easily create ‘Look-Alike’ audiences that you can easily target [believe me, the list will blow your mind – It’s thousands and thousands of them and to add to this further – he has categorized it for your easy targeting].

Besides providing extensive information on these topics, John Crestani also does a good job of reviewing material and guiding marketers through the work. These are just some of the main topics covered within the program. If I were to put it in a simple note, everything is already done for you 100%. All you have to do is “Do The Work” – John re-iterate this over and over again through his course.

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Who’s It For?

 The Super Affiliate System is tailored to be beginner-friendly. Yes you heard me, beginner-friendly.  It is designed so that anybody who wants to get started with affiliate marketing can use it as their launch pad, no matter how new they are in the affiliate marketing industry.

At the same time, John Crestani’s system also provides valuable information and insights for long time affiliate marketers. The content is rich and in-depth enough that it can bring value not only to professionals but also to complete beginners.

 Pros and Cons of Super Affiliate System

In a nutshell, the Super Affiliate System is a quality package that provides genuine value to those who purchase it. If you were wondering ‘is super affiliate system is for me or is it a scam?’ then answer is Certainly NOT!

 However, there are one or two potential drawbacks to this particular course. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Super Affiliate System.


Probably the most substantial pro to the Super Affiliate System is its extensiveness of the course, as well as its value to both beginner and pro-level affiliate marketers. One of the top quality that this program offers is that it’s content is always current and truly relevant to the constant changing in the affiliate marketing industry as it revises the data and content each year to reflect changes in tools and services used to implement the program as well as successful online strategies [Unlike other affiliate marketing
courses that may never be revised].

The structure of the course is also very clear and well laid out. What do I mean by that is – every single step and John’s teaching can be followed through 100% and you can even do it while watching the course. Well what I did was – I pause and do, pause and do, guess you know what I mean.

Another pro that is worth mentioning is the support buyers who purchase this course receive. Once users have signed up for the program, they receive access to a dedicated internet marketing forum, the Facebook group, and student email support. This is a serious deal, they are always there for you, I mean always!


The drawback that one would see on Super Affiliate System course can be the cost. Currently, the price of the program is $997. This amount can be split into three installments of $397. While some see this as a drawback, the regular price before John push it down further was $27,803. For only $997 Now! (well again it can be spilt into three installments), you are getting all that John has to offer.

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While this can be a lot of money for some, affiliate marketers who
implement the knowledge they’ve acquired through the program will definitely see a return on
this investment. Again, the sky is the limit to earn more and more. So, you don’t lose a thing

Really! Super Affiliate System Works?

The Super Affiliate System is an in-depth program providing detailed step-by-step training on how to build successful affiliate systems. Although John has provided all the necessary tools and resources to you, it is you that need to take action and do the work. In the Super Affiliate Site, you will see some featured reviews and testimonials from marketers [beginners and also the pro] who saw impressive results and benefited after using the Super Affiliate System. One piece of advice – Do The Work! You will definitely see results.

Is It Worth the Money?

Is Super Affiliate System worth the money? Now, that really depends on you. If you are serious about a career as an affiliate marketer and longing to live the life you always wanted – be your own Boss, you owned your own time, no 9 to 5 job, do the things that you desire most, fulfil your family obligations – then yes, it probably is. On the other hand, if you have a habit of starting things and never finishing them, or are looking for a get rich quick scheme, then no it’s probably not going to pay off.

Did You Get What You Need From This Super Affiliate System Review?

Now that you have the inside scoop of the Super Affiliate System, you are now better equipped to decide whether or not this program is for you. [well I did]. One important part you need to take note off is that buying Super Affiliate System will not make you a super affiliate overnight but it will definitely can help substantially jumpstart your affiliate marketing career. All you have to do is join the Super Affiliate System and ‘Do The Work’!

This course, in my personal opinion was put together to help those people who are serious about changing their live for the better and the lives of their love ones and looking for proven method to earning real money online with the understanding there is still a lot more to learn as they want to grow and scale their income. So, take action NOW!


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