The 5 Most Popular Italian Pasta Brands 2021

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The 5 Most Popular Italian Pasta Brands 2021

Topic :  The 5 Most Popular Italian Pasta Brands 2021

The 5 Most Popular Italian Pasta Brands

In this article we are going to talk about the 5 best Italian pasta brands. In the section of food products, one of the most distinctive products of our country could not disappear, and the symbol of Italy abroad. Pasta at the same time represents tradition and novelty, history and flavour, and is the most exported product in the world. Italy has about two hundred machines and more than one hundred factories. Campania, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto top the list as Italian pasta producers. read more about The 5 Most Popular Italian Pasta Brands 2021

As the UK is famous for its fish and chips, the US for its burger and Germany for its sauce, pasta is the food most associated with Italy. The average Italian eats about 26 kg of pasta a year and pasta is on the tables of families all over the world.

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The 5 Most Popular Italian Pasta Brands

1) Barilla

The 5 Most Popular Italian Pasta Brands
Among the main pasta producers in Italy, Barilla ranks first. Pietro Barilla founded the company in 1877 as a bakery in Parma, Italy. The society is run by his descendants, Guido, Luca and Paolo Barilla.

The group produces various types of pasta and is the world’s leading producer, with 45% of the Italian market and 25% of the US market. Barilla produces more than one hundred types and sizes of pasta. It is the largest seller of bakery products in Italy, also thanks to the acquisition of the Swedish company Vasa. It is the world’s leading manufacturer of flatbreads: more than 60,000 tons per year. The company markets its pasta in the United States and most of the grain it uses is local.

Barilla Group in the world
The company also has plants in Italy, Greece, Sweden, Turkey and the United States.

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2) De Cecco

The 5 Most Popular Italian Pasta Brands
At number two we find dry. The company was founded in 1886 by the De Cecco brothers, in the small city in central Italy, Fara San Martino. Nicola de Seco initially produced flour in his stone mill before building the factory.

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In 1908 the emblem of the company became a girl carrying a lot of wheat. The factory was rebuilt after its destruction due to the German bombing after World War II. In 1950 a new production facility was built to meet the growing post-war demand. In the 80s a new factory was opened in Fara San Martino, whose production has doubled. In 1986, the company began to diversify its offering and established its own brand of olive oil. De Cecco’s offer has grown and today it sells sauces, cereals and tomato-based products.

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3) Divella

Divella has been producing high-quality durum wheat since 1890. The history of the company begins when Francesco Divella gets his first mill in Rutigliano, a small agricultural centre near Bari. Over the years, several generations of work have paid off and the company has continued to expand into international markets. Today the fourth generation runs the company and Divela emphasizes the importance of tradition in the achievement of high-quality products.

In addition, it offers label production services. Since 1890, the time of the first Divilla mill, the company has carefully selected quality control and raw materials, pays special attention to safety, consumer health and social responsibility, and is highly respectful of the environment.

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4) Garofalo Pasta

The history of Garofalo is the history of Gragnano and is the result of the ancient art of pasta production. Garoflow carries out continuous quality control on both raw materials and final products and uses state-of-the-art technologies.

The quality and taste make this pasta recognizable by all, even its packaging: the packaging is transparent, like the company, which does not hide the use of very modern machines to make its pasta. It ensures that the superior quality product is derived from the fusion of tradition and innovative techniques. The sides of the packaging are also transparent, unlike other brands, they do not hide anything, exposing the defects and pieces of broken pasta. The company’s motto is to be like the artisans who first produced pasta in their mills and who wanted machines to make their work more comfortable and efficient and their products to be even better.

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5) Rummo

Last but not least is the rummo pasta. Ramamo is a small pasta factory in Benevento, central Italy, one of the few that still uses the old slow production method to produce its pasta. The result is high-quality products recognized for their taste and qualities. Today, 170 years later, the old factory in Via dei Mulni has become a fragment of the history of the city of Benevento, a relic of an ancient tradition. Thanks to this tradition and experience accumulated by six generations, Rummo Lenta Levorazioni® is one of the most acclaimed pasta brands. So this concludes the topic for The 5 Most Popular Italian Pasta Brands 2021.

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