The Importance Of On-Page SEO 2021

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SEO is still a significantly more effective method to remains the important source of targeted traffic to websites. You can do this by optimizing the importance of on-page SEO if you would like to have targeted visitors knocking on your online doorstep.

but, What is SEO?

It’s a method of using online tools that you can implement in your website to help your pages rank themselves higher in search engine results.

Giving your website greater exposure to targeted visitors that could eventually convert into paying customers.

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The Importance of on-page SEO

In recent decades, other Internet advertising channels have appeared, taking sizable bites of the online marketing pie. Many shifted their online campaigns to very popular channels such as social media marketing and dropping their SEO efforts without carefully analyzing actual data.

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SEO isn’t dead, and in actuality, it is still fully alive and kicking and remains the most important source of targeted traffic to websites.

In a report by Forrester Research, organic web search or natural search engine results still stays on top of traffic resources used by survey respondents. The report also claims that this percentage is growing at a steady rate and is expected to keep on growing in the next few years.

That’s the reason it is very important to optimize your on-page SEO if you prefer to have targeted visitors knocking on your online doorstep. On-page SEO has some factors like writing unique & Decent content, the Title of the Content (Title Tags), Meta Descriptions, URL structure to name a few.

But before you can dive into all these in greater detail, it would be best to proceed and know a bit more information about the importance of On-Page SEO;

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1. Choose the Right Keywords

It’s vital that you select the right type of keywords that would attract targeted audiences to your web pages — the kind that has the largest probability of becoming paying customers. Finding the right keyword is a very important first step in any online marketing campaign and much more so for On-Page SEO.

2. Choose Good Domain Names

A good domain name should be able to present what your website is and what it can possibly in only a couple of words.

3. Optimize Your Meta Data

Every page in your website should be optimized to make them more search engine friendly using both content and metadata, especially Title Tags and Meta Descriptions.

  • Title Tags – The title tags of each of your web pages are like text advertisements for that particular page that potential readers will first see in their browsers even before the actual page completes loading. By making it unique and descriptive, people will be more interested in what your web page holds and would be enticed to explore more.
  • Meta Description – The Meta Description is a summary or snippet of the content found on a particular page that would appear during search results. What you put in the Meta Description can entice readers to open your page and read some of the materials more.

4. Make Unique Content that Online Users Would Want to Read and Share

Distinctive and high-quality content is everything you need for On-Page SEO, not just to satisfy what the Search Engine web crawlers would find to rank your page according to a particular set of keywords but also to make your visitors want to read and discuss your content.

  • Main Content — This refers to the main text, names, and descriptions on each particular web page. The content should be unique and relevant to the specific theme or topic your web page is describing.
  • Performance — Your web page should be working properly when hyperlinks from all navigation units are clicked. The web page should also open fast and within a few seconds only, otherwise, visitors will move on and disregard your site.
  • Authority — Your page content should be written well enough and authoritative enough for other web pages to need and use your stuff as a reference and even link to.
  • User Experience — The content in your web pages should be nice and relevant enough to provide visitors a fantastic user experience to make them want to stay longer and see different pages and content. This refers not only to your text content but also to your graphics, navigational aids, and other web elements inside your pages.

5. On-Page SEO for Different Kinds of Results

These include images, video, and other non-text content, which should be all optimized to make them visible by Search Engine web crawlers.

  • File Names — Use descriptive names for image files, preferably related to your main keyword in addition to a description of what the image is. Computer_latest.jpg is far better than using image001.jpg.
  • Alt Text or Alt Tags — This attribute should be filled up with a short description of your image. These tags are what Search Engine web crawlers may use to identify the picture. These crawlers can simply identify text rather than images so using the Alt Text attribute can help optimize the image for search results.

6. Create Service/Product Specific Landing Pages

Creating and optimizing a landing page that is specific to your products/services and your keywords isn’t just helpful to the search engines but also to your potential customers and website visitors. A particular landing page allows you to discuss in great detail a particular product or service your organization is offering and educate your visitors on its features and benefits. Considering these landing pages are tailored to a particular product or service that you’re offering.


These are the On-Page SEO techniques that you can utilize and apply right now to optimize your web pages for a better position in search results.

There are numerous aspects in considerations in SEO but one of the most important areas of focus is On-Page SEO.

On-page SEO helps search engines understand your website better, to judge whether your content will be relevant to individuals seeking information about anything online with a set of keywords


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