June 11, 2021


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THE LOST WAYS BOOK REVIEW | I have shared my experience on the secret ancient survival latest updated edition book 2 with Remedies full review with pros & cons. 

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Why this THE LOST WAYS BOOK 2 is now on trending after the last edition part 1 in USA, Australia, Canada, UK, NZ..etc because some of the people wanted ancient living secrets which have given in this secret book.

So let’s review fully what is the lost ways book? If you want to make your life better and smart then this book is for you

If you are living in the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia then this secret information I have shared with you which is very important for you.


Here I have shared the ultimate secret benefits of this latest THE LOST WAYS BOOK 2 such as –

  •         Increasing energy.
  • Boosting immunity.
  • Improving bone health.
  • t tells about hidden Food recipes.
  • House-making secret tips.
  • Water Storage Tips.
  • Tips to Make Traps.
  • Poultices and Medicines Recipes.
  • Bullets..Etc

You will get lots of ultimate tips and tricks for your life.


So the lost ways book author’s name is Clyde Davis. The main reason I wanted to do the book review on this book is because there is a lot of horrible reviews out there for this book.


So I wanted to do an honest book review for you guys talk about the pros, talk about the cons, and then at the end of the article, I will guide you on how can you read fully this latest edition secret book.

I’ll briefly talk about some of the reviews I read online and talk to you guys and let you know why a lot of those reviews are complete PS, and I wouldn’t go by those.

So let’s dive right onto this book review here. So the first thing that I want to talk about in this review is the pros of ordering this book right here.


 So the 1st pros is that it has a lot of useful information in it. It has, you know, different varieties of information.

So, I believe in my heart that it is a true survival type book because it talks about shelters, it talks about food storage and food preparation, it talks about medicinal plants and talks about, I mean a whole variety of things.

And it’s all conveniently in one little book there, and it’s nice to be able to open up a physical book.

So that’s going to bring me to my second the positive thing about this book is that they do offer a physical copy of this book.

Now there are two different options that you can choose when ordering this book, you can get the cheaper option which is just to get the ebook so the downloaded version of the book.

And then the second option which is the one that I choose, is that you get all of those electronic books, plus an actual physical copy of the book.

So I suggest that it’s always a good idea to get the physical copy of the book, so that way if you’re ever in a survival situation or something like that, you can throw this in your bug out bag, or you can just reflect on it to get all the good knowledgeable information that’s in this book.

So that’s gonna bring me to 2nd pros of this book – It comes with four extra ebooks now.

I wish that they would also offer the physical copies of these extra books they add to it, but it’s nice that they go ahead and add this to the package, and the titles of those books are what every survivalist should grow in their backyard. The SHTF medicinal plant map so it covers the whole United States and it goes state by state and kind of tells you what medicinal or healthful plants that you have growing in your area.

It also tells you how to outlive an EMP the early pioneer way so that that book in and of itself is a really good book I really enjoy that.

And I probably will end up printing out that book, just so I can have it in a physical form, like the last waves here.

And then the last book is really an instructional book, which shows you a step by step guide to building your rotating tan system. Another thing is that this book is really easy to read and understand.

Now, one of the negative things that I read on a book review on Amazon, was that, oh, this book is you know double spaced and they have large characters and that’s why the book is so big because it’s full of, you know, all this large font in there.

Why yes it is but is good for us, older people that need that larger font to be able to read it and understand it and read it clearly. So I think that that’s a pro, that they offer the larger print.

Another one is that there are tones of pictures in this book. So if you’re somebody that likes to kind of look at how things are set up and looking at pictures helps you understand things a bit better.

This is going to be a book for you, but also on that same topic towards the end of the article I’ll talk about some cons about dealing with pictures in this book.

And then the last thing that I want to talk about is there are a lot of great recipes in this “The lost way secret book”.

So if you guys are into like weird recipes or older recipes this book for you too.


 So now let’s go talk about the cons of this book. Now the cons that I have versus what everybody else has is a bit different.

So, I wanted to talk about some cons that I felt were important to mention in doing this book review.

1st cons – That I want to talk about is kind of what I talked about in the pros about the pictures in the digital copy that they send you with this book.

 The pictures are all in color, which is a bonus, but in the actual physical copy of this book.

Everything is in black and white, and I can’t stand that, especially when it comes to planting identification and looking like in black and white.

Now, what I would suggest to kind of overcome that cons is to take the plant section or the plant identifying section in your ebook and print out, just those pages, and add them to the book, all the other pictures that are in black and white are fine with me because I can still see what I need to see and do with those black and white pictures but I do wish that they would have done the plant identification part in color because that’s important, what are the color of the leaves what the leaves the flowers.

2nd con is – It takes forever, for them to ship out the actual physical copy of the book. So I know a lot of you guys out there, you’re into, you know, the modern-day thing you know, order something and having it shipped to your door.

The next day, so if you’re one of those people. This is a con for you because it typically takes anywhere from three to four weeks to actually get your physical copy of the book.

Now, obviously with your electronic downloads the ebooks, and all that stuff. You get all of that as soon as you make your order, so that’s pretty cool because you can read all that stuff on your computer before it gets. I think that that’s a bonus.

Another bonus with his book is he offers what he calls a handshake deal, see if it’s something that you want.

If within that 60 days, this would be found out that this book is not for you, then you can send it back no questions asked, and get your money back.

Now, obviously, I haven’t enjoyed that, because I am a fan of the book and I’m gonna go ahead and keep it.

So that is one thing that I haven’t tested out yet because I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews saying people, you know, wanting to return the book and it was a big hassle for them so I can’t really speak on that because that wasn’t something that I had to go through.

The next negative thing in my opinion is that when you actually go to the approved site to order this book and I’ll leave the link down below so you guys know, click on one of these families because there’s a lot of crap out there that say that they can get you this book free or cheaper or whatever. But when you go through that link.

This company oversells everything they try to get so much other stuff that they offer that It’s sickening, I just, I can’t stand companies that do that reminds me of a car salesman, and that’s a huge turnoff for me when it comes to ordering things.

And another thing that I find this kind of dishonest about this company is that say, when you’re ordering this book there are many different screens you have to go through before you actually finally order the book.

And one of the screens that will show you as a collection of books like for four or five books and they’ll say, they’ll advertise it at this price *(check the latest rate) For all these books and say if you say no I’m not interested in you to go to the next page, they’ll offer you the same option of books plus some at a fraction of the price.

So to me, that is dishonest. I mean if you’re willing to offer that at a lower, why don’t you offer that in the beginning, why do you do all this dishonest stuff there that really ticked me off. And that’s a con, in my opinion when ordering this book.

 The second one kind of goes along the same the thing all the crap and junk emails you will receive once ordering this book, but the great thing about that is you can always unsubscribe to those emails like I did, and it will stop sending you all this stuff where they’re trying to oversell you everything.

So that was a huge con in my opinion when dealing with this book but after I’ve unsubscribed all that crap. It’s been great.

So that’s gonna bring us to some of the reviews that I read on the Amazon website, because like I said, 63% of the reviews were completely trash talking this book, another bad review that I read about this book is talking about medicinal plants that he suggests using, and more specifically talking about the wild lettuce recipe that he shows in this book.

You’re going to find all sorts of information, contradicting information when it comes to using any wild medicinal plant, You will find doctors out there completely bad mouth and using medicinal plants and telling you not to do it, and then you’ll find naturalist and people that swear by them and do all that so you know when it comes to your health and dealing with medicinal plants, It’s always a good idea to practice safe methods and utilizing it.

So, there are methods out there for like, you know, rubbing the plant against your hand to see if you react, then if you don’t, you know, putting it on your lips or on your tongue. You know, there are different methods out there to see if you as a specific person, are going to rehab, a reaction to these plants.

So, I rule that out, because like I said, there’s so much that can be flicked in information out there, and we’re talking about these plants, but overall, a lot of these plants are very safe to use, as long as you use caution when using them. And this book tells you that, so that’s out of there.

Another one that I want to talk about is everybody’s complaining about how overpriced this book is, and that you can find all of this information on the Internet for free.

Well, what the second part about that. I definitely agree. You can find all of this information on the book on your own by going to a lot of great YouTubers out there and watching their videos are, you know, downloading some PDFs from you know libraries or stuff like that.

You can find all this information, but as I said, All that information is packed into here, so you guys don’t have to do all that research, you don’t have to go to all these different places and compile all that you save yourself money on e-cartridges and paper but not having to print all that stuff off, because it’s already printed off for you.


So the second thing I want to talk about is the overpriced Ness on that. How is that overpriced? A lot of you guys out there that are doing these reviews you guys are just straight-up cheapskates.

It takes time and money to put all this information together have a printing press print out all this stuff and all of that.

If you think it’s overpriced, then go out there and find all this information, put it all together, print it off, do all that but I guarantee you will spend double the amount of money then you would have done if you would have just ordered the physical copy of this book, printer cartridges nowadays are ridiculously expensive.

So, knock yourself out if you want to go out there and print all this stuff out. And like I said earlier if you’re banking on having all this stuff on your computer so you can always look at it, we won’t always have power, and you never know if we might get hit with an EMP or a solar flare that acts like an EMP and all your electronics are no longer valid, and you can’t even access that information, so why even risk it.

The great thing about having a physical copy upside down here. The crazy thing about having this physical copy is if you’re one of those bugout people that believe that you’re going to bug out you can throw this in your bug-out bag and be down the road.

I’m not a huge person I’m not a huge prepper person or survival is, I’m a lover of the lost ways to book.

So once again, this THE LOST WAYS book has a lot of great information on how to achieve that, and I see a lot of people say, you know, if you’re an expert survivalist this book isn’t for you, well you’re dang right is not for you because you know everything right.

All right, so hopefully you guys got some genuine information about it.

So as always guys take care and spend time with that family, how that’s a horrible design and build of a smokehouse.

What the heck are you guys smoking. That is a perfect solid smokehouse built for you guys out there to do it is built off of a premise of cold smoke.

So a lot of people were saying you know if you cold some of this stuff and eat it. You’ll get sick. Well, no. If you eat any wrong meat or anything like that you’re particularly are at risk of getting sick. So when you’re smoking bacon and doing all this stuff, you normally cook it after you smoke it. Right.

So finally, if you want to learn more about the secrets of THE LOST WAYS BOOK 2 then the link has given below.




Claude Davis




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So finally I recommended you if you really want to read this secret new edition “THE LOST WAYS BOOKB 2” fully then I have given genuine & trusted website link below.



ConcludeHere I have shared the lost ways book latest & the ultimate updated 2nd edition complete real secret full review with its pros+cons in 2021.



Q.1- Which is the trusted site to buy the lost ways book edition 1/2 online?

You can buy on one of the trusted platforms that is ClickBank marketplace. The link has given above.

Q.2- Can I get a money-back guarantee?

Yes. You will get a 60Days Money back guarantee on this market place.

Q.3- The lost ways book new edition is really a scam or not?

There are a number of books in the market so if you really want to buy a genuine book then go through a 100% trusted site the link has given above on this website.

Q.4- Is there any age limit to follow this book?

No. Everyone can utilize it.

Q.5- How many days it will take to reach at my home?

Within 7 days.

Q.6- In which country home delivery is available?

Around the world.

Q.7- Is there cash on delivery option?


Q.8- Can I buy this book on Amazon?


Q.9- First edition & second edition is different?


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