Top 11 successful online businesses in 2020 – 2021

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Top 11 successful online businesses in 2020 – 2021

Topic : Top 11 successful online businesses in 2020 – 2021
Top 11 successful online businesses in 2020 - 2021

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Top 11 successful online businesses in 2021

Top 11 successful online businesses in 2020 – 2021

 I want to talk about 11 on line business ideas that I think will boom as a result of what’s happening now in the world with respect to the Kovach 19 virus as well as the stock market crash okay so as an online business owner I’m looking at this from the perspective of online only there’s a whole bunch of different factors at play here obviously I’ve been analyzing my own business as a small business owner because I feel it’s something I’m I’m forced to do especially ever since I started doing this full-time okay I used to have a job I used to go to work every day for the government and it was nice to have the security of a job I know that currently right now with the world situation obviously that security is going away for a lot of people and they may be looking for opportunities online so I respectfully do this article for to help people but at the same time I’m also analyzing my own business for opportunities to to survive in such a you know environment so I have eleven things that I’ve looked at and I thought I would share them on this site article  of things to you know consider as we move forward in what’s happening in the world and I encourage you to take notes or even comment below tell me if I’m right or wrong what your opinion is what other ideas you have and maybe potential opportunities for people to look at .

so let’s start with number one number one I feel is the I’m just going to go through each business idea here so number one will be

 Webinar and live stream software’s successful online businesses

 okay so I am an affiliate marketer so a lot of my business is around promoting products for other companies online and I have a lot of videos about that on this YouTube channel you can check that out if that’s of interest to you okay so you could make money by promoting products from other companies some of the products that I may consider would be online webinar streaming software because a lot of people are currently at home they’re looking for ways to stream and work together okay online so obviously remote working is going to be is it’s going to involve this there’s software out there like Demio there’s webinarjam there is GoToWebinar there’s a whole bunch of them there’s literally probably hundreds of those types of softwares so affiliates generally will create a review site and a review site about the best webinar or livestream software’s seems like a great idea and a lot of people are going to be looking for that and they’re still going to be buying that type of service online .

Online events

 one I was reading the newspaper today and it’s doing on-line events okay and as I was reading the newspaper here locally in my town there was a story about someone who was doing an art class on line okay so they would have been using one of the softwares that I mentioned in number one but at the same time they were getting people to join and what it was what was happening is people are going to be able to join this event and learn how to paint while the person was going to stream it online okay and it turned out that thousands of people were interested in doing that especially right now as their home they’re looking for things to do so that was a great idea I thought if you have a skill set that you can share online live you could create an event how people sign up and you could collect payments either through PayPal or whatever other payment processors are out there there’s a lot of them and people would probably pay to learn a seminar or something like that along those lines.

 for example

 if you’re into jewelry or if you’re into other arts or if you’re if you’re into you know you’re maybe a really good stock market investor all that kind of stuff you could hold a seminar get people to sign up and make some money that way okay so there’s lots of programs out there that you can find online and how to do that but it’s a great idea I thought.

 Online digital education successful online businesses

 I mean this in many different respects okay I am also an online digital education business in this in the respect that I have powerhouse affiliate com where I provide training on affiliate marketing okay since I’ve been doing this for teach for since 2002 I have a lot of experience in this type of business so I provide training and people can join and and learn okay now there’s this can work for anything okay you actually see schools now that are doing training on affiliate marketing or anything you can get courses you can get degrees online you can you know learn pretty much anything online so if you have a skill set or if you know people that have a skill set and you have the skills to create a course around it you can sell it digitally on the line using many already pre-built software programs I was never a software engineer I have no idea how to build a membership site but there are software programs out there like a member that you can sign up to you can buy it one time to give you the software basically it’s a plug-and-play you put your content in there and then you can start charging people money for your training resources okay and this is a huge business right now and especially if you’re an affiliate marketer you can promote these digital products there’s digital training products through a place called Clickbank and there’s many other digital training platforms out there that have affiliate programs that you can promote as well so whether you’re building your own training course setting it up yourself and selling it yourself or you’re an affiliate there’s a huge opportunity right now in digital online education.

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If you’re an affiliate or a business owner and you’re in the financial space financial offers successful online businesses

 currently right now will be hot I think it’s going to lead me into a couple more of these items that I’m going through but first of all let’s think about lead generation especially in the terms of financial offers okay I do a lot of lead generation online so I create websites and I generate leads for other companies and those companies pay me for those leads it’s built around a a call center which I’m going to talk about in the next one however there’s going to be a lot of people online at home right now looking for resources around their finances okay for example there may be people looking to claim bankruptcy there may be people looking to invest some of the whatever money is left after the stock market crash people are looking for information on debt you know all these things that people are considering right now currently okay and they’re going to be leading these services so we can provide them these services okay and the reason why I say epic lis is I’ve seen a lot of networks out there affiliate networks pitching these really scammy offers around coronavirus when really there are real ethical ways we can you know boom in this type of industry without bringing the online marketing scene down anymore so that basically leads me into the next part is that for these financial offers to actually convert and for companies to actually want to buy leads they need to make sure they still have the resources that can handle the leads and most of these leads are done and monetized through a call center okay so these call centers are likely going to be shutting down at least temporarily for now so any companies that are focused on building resources and business development for people to work remotely are going to probably make a lot of money during this time .

 for example

moving a call center to remote workers okay so all the same people working but now they’re working from home they need certain software to direct those phone calls to their homes they need to know schedule their hours all of that kind of stuff and then there’s companies that probably are out there that are going to be able to do this and consult with and I think those companies are going to do well if this continues much longer okay and at the same time this will help affiliates or people that are doing lead gen ok because we need these call centers to be working in order for people to get the services they require.

  Marketing services and that’s local marketing services

 if you have skills in marketing online I think there’s going to be a lot of opportunity for you to find local clients that need help putting their business on line  so for example a gym that has a gym membership you know right now people aren’t going to the gym how are these people going to make money the business the business owners themselves the gym owner if they’re not online now already selling supplements or diet information to people they’re going to be hurting okay they may want to look at building an online email list for their clients to keep clients informed these are things that they will look to do in the future maybe they don’t want to do it right now but I they’re potential clients that will want to start moving their business online the same goes for any stores out there that are currently selling physical products a lot of them may want to move this online now obviously there are some things to consider like delivery times right now are going to be challenged all the delivery companies probably are going to be shut down soon so this may be a problem but in the future there’s going to be a lot of companies seeing this as a place of opportunity for their companies okay especially locally I know restaurants right now are having a hard time they may not have an online presence yet now is the time to build out their website with the menu people can find them and if they’re ordering online and getting delivery they need to have a menu on their website if they don’t have that they’re probably not going to get any online deliveries through their through what’s happening right now okay so these are just a few ideas if you if you find that your you have the skills I think there’s an opportunity for people that can build out websites and funnels for local clients .

 Stock market

 I think I will focus some of my spend on what I’m doing online advertising will be to help people get information about stock market trading forex trading and potential crypto currency types of training programs okay I think there’s going to be a lot of people looking to make money from the stock market crash if it continues much longer and continues to go down there’s going to be really good companies that are really on sale and if you have cash flow and you have time to do some research then you have a good chance of making some money when the stock market comes back up so I’ve already been looking at stocks myself I’m going to talk about a couple here in a second when I get into the next parts okay but there are some stocks that are out there from major companies right now Airlines that are you know strong financially that probably have an opportunity to for people that have cash to get in there are some ETF so there are a whole bunch of other things I’m not going to be the stock market guru here I don’t try to be but there will be courses there will be training sessions out there that I can promote as an affiliate and probably buy myself to look at to see where the opportunity really lies.

  YouTube channel or content online 

Top 11 successful online businesses in 2020 – 2021  I know it’s a long term plan it’s a long journey to make money online with content however once you have the content there in the future if anything ever happens again like this you will have a revenue stream coming in okay people are coming to my website still looking at the information people are watching the YouTube channel people are also you know clicking on the ads that are on these sites so if the Adsense revenue the YouTube revenue that will be coming in and all that kind of stuff okay it’s a long-term gameplan doing search engine optimization building content whatever niche you’re in again it goes to what you are skilled at what you can offer value in and what you know what you can put online that people will want to read and access and if you have that kind of information then you can make money from it and it’s going to continue to make money especially right now when there’s more people in their homes doing searches more people looking for information if you’re already positioned and you have content online then good for you well done.

 Online streaming 

Top 11 successful online businesses in 2020 – 2021 so people are looking for ways to entertain their children that are home right now I have children upstairs you may hear them stomping on the floor right now I can actually hear my dog barking in the background but regardless people are looking for entertainment online and online streaming is going to boom I think okay now again there’s the Netflix stock there’s the what else Disney Plus those are stocks that you can check out Disney or Netflix but at the same time as affiliates there are offers out there that offer online streaming you can actually promote Netflix you can promote these other ones like Hulu there’s I think there’s a Disney Plus offer so if you’re buying ads and you’re trying to earn Commission’s from your ads those are potential niche areas that will definitely boom I know where there’s a lot of cheap traffic for that and if you check out some of my other videos you’ll see some of the traffic sources I’m talking about when it comes to buying advertisements online.

 Game and apps 

Top 11 successful online businesses in 2020 – 2021 now this one I I do it myself when I’m sitting around and aboard I’m gonna play a game of chess online same kind of deal I go to these websites if you have a website that you can build with games on it obviously you you have some great skills you’re probably gonna make a lot of money with your website but at the same time as an affiliate if you don’t have the skills to build it yourself you can earn money by promoting games there are a few networks out there that have great games that you can promote online and I know that you can find these games anywhere really just go to offer vault comm and search up games you can find a whole bunch of offers that are paying out there’s app installs my daughter my older daughter she plays games she installs apps all the time sometimes I pay for them so obviously I’m still buying these while she’s here for you know the rest of the year for the rest of her school year basically I have to keep her entertained there’s also apps for teaching her math teaching her English all that kind of stuff okay so these are going to be really big and if you’re positioned to take advantage of that then again congratulations I think you’re gonna do really well selling these apps.

  Email marketing

Top 11 successful online businesses in 2020 – 2021  I’ve built an email list over the years I’ve always encouraged people that take the training through powerhouse affiliate com to build email lists more people are opening the emails now more people are reading the emails they’re bored they’re sitting at home they have time now to read the emails this is the beautiful thing about owning an email list is that it’s never going to die okay ever since I started doing online marketing in 2002 email marketing has been a piece of that email marketing is always going to survive just as long as affiliate marketing survives and then just as long as there’s internet connections coming to our homes okay as long as the internet maintains its connection I think there’s a lot of money to be made with email marketing okay and all of the other things I mentioned obviously.

 so these are Top 11 successful online businesses in 2020 – 2021 if you have more please comment below talk about it provide any insight that you might think would help people in times of need especially when it comes to business development online during such a strange time of what’s happening in the world if you liked this article please comment like share whatever else you want to do I appreciate you reading it till now I have other articles that you can check out below.

So this concludes the Topic for Top 11 successful online businesses in 2020 – 2021.

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