TOP 17 Ideas for Making Money From Home in Your Free Time

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We are experiencing a real Sharing Economy, an economy where the sharing of values ​​and skills is the basis of everything.

I decided to create this post, perhaps the longest ever, to share over  17 Free Time Money Making Ideas from Home that you can start right away.

Many of these require no initial investment and allow you to make money from home  right away, both online and offline.

Others require small initial investments of capital and / or time but allow you to generate potentially very large income in a short time and directly from your home.

All you need is a PC and lots of imagination and creativity.

We will analyze in detail each of these methods, seeing the real earning potential and studying the various pros and cons.

You don’t need to quit your job to earn extra money and in this article we will see how to do it by taking advantage of the free time you have available.

They are not put in order of importance but based on when and how much they come to mind since I will need about a week two weeks three weeks (!!!) to complete this article 🙂

Last thing to say but not least.

All the methods contained in this site can help you to greatly increase your monthly income , greatly shortening the time needed to live on an income .

Keep in mind that I personally use many of these strategies to increase my income by around $ 1000 per month. And trust that 1000 euros are equivalent to an average salary, they are not very few!



I too was initially very skeptical on this topic.

I started testing various methods found on the internet and experimenting with methodologies created by me but the result was always and only one: I was losing money.

After months and months of research I finally found a method that really works to make money with sports betting.

The great thing is that it is not possible to lose money and the gain is guaranteed (I know you don’t believe me but I invite you to try it before you judge).

Capital Needed : YES – about 600 euros

Time required: about 20 minutes a day

Average earnings: from 200 to 600 euros per month

Risk: Zero (you will never believe me but it is)


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Amazon is the largest online sales portal in the world with millions of purchases every day.

It was born at its origins as an online store of paper books and has evolved allowing the widespread diffusion of ebooks in the world.

To understand the potential of this business, just think that the sale of digital books has surpassed the sale of paper ones.

Obviously writing a book is not for everyone but it presents itself as one of the best possibilities nowadays to make money online.

Capital Required : NO – Anyone can publish a book with Amazon KDP

Time Required: Long creation times

Average Earnings: If you create a bestseller, the earnings are potentially very high

Risk: Zero, badly you won’t even sell a copy



A simple and creative way to make money is to get refunds for the purchases you make online .

So every time you book a hotel on Booking  or buy in over 2500 online stores you can get a cashback, or a money refund.

The site I use that allows you to get all these refunds is called Mr. Rebates . (by registering on this link you will get $ 5 free when you receive your first cashback)

In addition, Mr. Rebates  offers you the possibility to invite your friends to use this system and generate a profit of 20% on the amount that the people you have invited save, generating a real automatic flow of money .

You have 3 benefits:

You save

They save your friends

You earn 20% of your friends’ savings

Tipico business win-win.

Capital Required : NO

Time needed: 3 minutes to register here

Average Earnings: On average 3% on your online purchases and 20% on the savings obtained by your friends

Risk: Zero



A really interesting and very profitable strategy is the one that allows you to earn in the extra-hotel sector thanks to AirBnb .

AirBnb is nothing more than a site (very similar to booking ) that allows you to book rooms or rooms practically all over the world, often at lower prices than classic hotels.


In addition, this fantastic site gives you the opportunity to enter in the portal and  rent rooms in your home or even the whole house , thus generating a zero-risk income.

Personally I think it is a truly brilliant solution for renting spaces in your home that would otherwise be empty, and allows you to earn money without working.

Of course, you need to be willing to have strangers in your home should you decide to rent one or more rooms. More importantly, you must have a home to take advantage of this possibility 🙂

Capital Required : NO

Time Required:  5 minutes to register your rooms and then the time required to change the sheets and do the necessary cleaning

Average Earnings: Definitely an excellent earnings, up to 300 euros per month per room and even much more for complete apartments

Risk: Zero

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Most likely it is one of the biggest trends of the last millennium, which could completely change the world.

Obviously this is a real investment and the level of risk is very high but it could be THE OPPORTUNITY of life which, in my opinion, is not the case to lose.

To  invest in crypto-currencies it is necessary to open a digital wallet, called a wallet, which allows you to keep in stock, but also to buy and sell these securities at any time.

I wrote a very detailed article with the strategy I personally use to invest in this world that you can find here: How to Make Money with Cryptocurrencies .

Capital Required : YES – invest only what you are willing to lose

Time Needed:  10 minutes to open your digital wallet and buy the first crypto-currencies

Average Earnings: Potentially huge. You can transform the small invested capital of at least 200 euros into assets of even hundreds of thousands of euros.

Risk: The risk of losing the capital invested is very high, invest only what you are willing to lose



A truly ingenious and affordable method that allows you to earn by investing in the real estate sector with little money is available thanks to the Housers platform .

In a nutshell, it is a real estate crowfunding where investors’ money is collected and used to carry out transactions in properties located mainly in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

The nice thing about this method is that it allows you to invest even minimal amounts starting from 100 euros.

I have personally tried this platform and I must say that it is very well structured and above all that the gains are real and demonstrable.

You can register on the platform directly from this link and get a bonus of 50 euros for your first investment.

If you want to deepen the subject I wrote an article that I think you might be interested in: How to Invest in Houses with Little Money .

Capital Required : YES – invest only what you are willing to lose

Time needed:  10 minutes to register on the platform  and make your investment (from this link you have 25 euros free to start)

Average Earnings: a percentage that varies between 5 and 10% per year

Risk: The risk of losing the capital invested exists, invest only what you are willing to lose



Surely you will not become a millionaire but an anti-consumer way to make some money in your free time is to sell all the items you don’t need or use anymore.

To do this you can use a site like Subito  which allows you to post free ads for almost anything, starting with technological objects and ending with cars or clothes.

Personally I have eliminated a lot of useless things that I had been in the house for years and I have made enough money to have a nice holiday.

Also, if you want to see this business from an entrepreneurial point of view, you could also sell things that other people no longer need by dividing the proceeds.

Capital Required : NO

Time Needed:  10 minutes to place ads on now  or in other ad platforms

Average Earnings: Variable, it depends on how much and what you sell

Risk: Zero


If you are a creative and have an unbridled passion for creating objects of any kind, I must tell you that Etsy is the ideal platform for you.

It is a mega international portal where artists and craftsmen sell their creations online .

On Etsy you can find everything from handmade earrings to real limited edition works of art.

In my opinion it is a mandatory site for anyone who creates objects with their own hands, any type of object.

I advise you to take a look at the site to see the enormous possibilities it offers and to get an idea of ​​what you could sell.

Capital Required : NO – Etsy asks for a percentage of sales

Time Required:  30 minutes to register on the site and upload photos of your creations

Average Earnings: Variable, it depends on how much and what you sell

Risk: Zero, if you don’t sell you pay nothing


A completely free way to make money online is through affiliations.

It is a world that at first glance may seem very complicated but I assure you that it is much simpler than you think.

Earning with affiliations means in a nutshell “earning by recommending goods or services”.

In practice, all you have to do is make an agreement with the sellers that allows you to earn a% on the products you recommend, obviously only on the people who decide to buy.

An example above all is the Amazon affiliation  which allows you to earn from 3 to 10% of the price of all products on sale.

There are practically affiliate agreements on almost any site that sells goods or services online, you just need to wade through the site to find them.

A successful example is Pat Flynn who  earns over € 100,000 a month with his Smart Passive Income website thanks exclusively to affiliations.

It is an ideal method if implemented within a blog or a facebook / linkedin profile with many followers.

Capital Required : NO

Time Needed:  It depends on how many goods / services you promote and with what continuity

Average Earnings: Variable, it depends on how much and what you sell and your number of followers

Risk: Zero


Youtube changes, here is the announcement related to notifications for all …

Youtube is the platform with the most potential at the moment.

Not only does it allow you to create a community of loyal and passionate users, it also allows you to earn in many different ways.

There are many Americans who earn 10/20/30 thousand dollars a month only thanks to the advertising fees that appear at the beginning of the video.

Not to mention what you can propose / sell to your followers after you have created a good user base.

The nice thing is that you can also start with a simple phone and zero capital, but it is important to start on the right foot and if you don’t know where to start I recommend you do it from this course that teaches you how to create and monetize a youtube channel .

Capital Required : NO

Time Required: At your convenience.

Average Earnings: You can earn a mountain of money if you know how to do it, obviously give yourself time and don’t expect earnings in a few days

Risk: Zero

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Creating a blog is now something within everyone’s reach.

It is possible to create a blog in a few minutes thanks to the use of Blogger or   wordpress,  which is the same tool that I used to create the site you are reading.

Once you have created your site you must know that there are many ways to make money with a blog .

You can find a very interesting article here if you want to learn more: How to Make Money With A Blog

The main methods you have available to monetize are:

Advertising – however, it needs a lot of traffic

Selling information products such as ebooks or video courses

Through affiliations or by recommending other people’s products

There have been blogs on the net for some years now that earn millions of euros simply with the 3 methods listed above.

Obviously a lot of consistency is required and you must be willing to work for free for a few years before reaping the first fruits.

Capital Required : About 20 euros to purchase the domain

Time Required:  Time to write the articles and possibly create your info-products

Average Earnings: Variable, it depends on how successful your blog is and the visits you manage to get

Risk: Virtually zero since the starting cost is negligible (about 2 euros), at most you will have wasted time

Personally, I earn very little through this blog, but I do not hide the desire to turn it into a good source of income that generates at least 3/400 euros per month in a totally automatic way.

The nice thing is that it allows you to make money thanks to your passions.


Other than babysitter…. the business of the moment is that of Dog Sitters !


The “dog sitting” is a service that is offered through a specific fee for the care, assistance of a pet (in this case the dog) during the absence of its owner.

As with the “baby sitting”, a person, the “dog sitter”, offers to look after the animal when the owner is temporarily unavailable.

This service that connects to petsitting is very widespread both in the United States and in Europe, so much so that organizations and associations have been created, also in Italy, to allow all pet owners to be able to choose their own, safely and independently. “Dogsitter” or “petsitter”.

The dog sitting is a type of work that is spreading more and more in Italy and abroad.

Many people, while loving their dog, are unable to take care of all its needs, such as, for example, taking it for a walk and taking care of it.

They then entrust their four-legged friend to one person: the Dog sitter.

This is a high paying type of job as it is possible to keep multiple dogs at the same time.

Furthermore, the requests for dog sitting have been growing exponentially for many months now and it seems they don’t want to stop.

It is the right time to create a “career” and a source of income in this animal world.

There is little to say, if you like animals and dogs in particular, you cannot fail to consider this “job”.

Capital Required : NO

Time Needed:  The time it takes to take care of the dogs

Average Earnings: Variable, it depends on how good you are and how good you are with animals (and especially the owners)

Risk: Zero

Ps. be very careful because in the USA, where they are much more advanced than us here in Italy, there are dogsitters who earn staggering figures … many times over $ 10,000 a month !!!

So don’t underestimate this tip as it’s part of the future.



A freelancer is nothing more than a freelancer who works mainly online and who collaborates with different companies.

Freelance work is growing rapidly in Italy and is usually characterized by total autonomy in managing time and the workplace. Do you want to work at night? You can do it.

Do you want to work from the beach? You can do it.

Obviously it is not an easy world and there is a lot of competition but it is still a world where it is possible to obtain excellent profits.

Earning as a freelancer is possible above all within the following categories:





The most famous portal to which I recommend you register if you want to take this path is Upwork or freelancer .

Capital Required : NO

Time Required:  The time required to complete the various tasks

Average Earnings: Variable, it depends on how good you are and how good you are

Risk: Zero


If you love photography more than anything else, or even if you are simply an enthusiast, I have some good news for you.

It is possible to make money online by selling the copyrights of your photographs.

The nice thing is that once your photos are published they sell themselves thanks to the use of some sites specialized in this, creating a real source of automatic income.

Obviously it is not about easy money because the competition is great but if you are good and you like to take pictures you will have no problems in this activity.

The site that I recommend you to see and use is called I Stock Photo .


Capital Required : NO

Time Required:  The time required to take and upload photos to the site

Average Earnings: Variable, it depends on how good you are and how good you are and obviously on how many photos you sell

Risk: Zero

You may be interested in: How to Earn 500 euros a Day

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Trading is the dream of many people.

Often we imagine ourselves on some tropical beach with the PC in hand while squeezing the markets and making hundreds or, why not, thousands of euros with a single mouse click.

Unfortunately, the reality is quite another thing.

Making money trading is possible but it’s not as easy as they want you to believe.

A professional trader earns nowhere near 20% per month on invested capital … imagine 200% per month as many advertisements want you to believe.

To make a living from trading, we are talking about very high sums, at least above 100 thousand euros on which you can expect variable returns from year to year but which rarely exceed 60% per year.

Capital Required : YES

Time Needed:  Time is needed above all to learn this very difficult job

Average Earnings: Variable, depends on how good you are and varies from year to year based on market movements

Risk: Very high, 99% of people who trade lose money for this very reason I urge you NOT to do it


Marketing Earning with surveys is possible and at zero risk as long as you find reliable and above all paying sites.


Obviously it is not possible to earn billions but to live on this, however, it is possible to earn a sum ranging from 10 to 50 euros per month which is better than nothing anyway, can’t you?

This is the platform that I recommend you to use ( Marketagent + bonus ) which is reliable and very serious and allows you to receive payments also on paypal.

Capital Required : NO

Time Needed:  The average time for each survey varies from 2 to 10 minutes

Average Earnings: Variable from month to month based on available surveys but on average from 10 to 50 euros per month.

Risk: Zero, you can’t lose a single cent


Earning with peer2peer

Peer to peer is an alternative investment method that allows you to “lend” money to other people around the world in exchange for interest.

Obviously there are protection platforms that sometimes allow you to “invest” this money with guaranteed capital and a respectable return.

The platform that I recommend you to use and above all that I use is called Mintos , which is nothing more than a loan “market” that operates practically throughout Europe.

Another very interesting platform of this type is  Grupeer (always P2P lending).

An interesting thing is that it is possible to set up operations with the capital guaranteed by the site itself.

Capital Required : YES

Time Required:  10 minutes in the setting phase

Average Earnings: On average more than 10% per year, sometimes even more than 12%

Risk: The risk of losing the capital invested is very high, invest only what you are willing to lose




This method is a real revolution in the world of investments. It is a strategy with a probability of success of over 90% that allows you to create a semi-automatic monthly income , even if you start from scratch.

You can find out more about the strategy by watching this free webinar .

Capital Required : YES

Time Needed:  2 hours to learn the strategy and 10 minutes a month to apply it

Average Earnings: On average from 20 to 30% per month on the amount invested

Risk: Like all investment strategies it presents risks, but these risks are calculated.


As you have seen, these are 17 practical and immediate ideas that you can start right away. (and they are constantly updated and improved)

They may not all be suitable for you but you will surely find some tools in the list that could be useful to you.

Instead of wasting time playing video games or watching television it is better to dedicate it to doing some much more productive activity .

I want to reassure you by telling you that many of the solutions I use every day personally to increase my monthly income.

Enjoy The
Full Experience

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul.
I am alone, and feel the charm of existence in this spot!

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