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As we all know, nowadays work from home is a new normal. Every MNC or enterprise allows their employees to work from home during covid-19. So in this kind of critical situation, the need for employee monitoring software increases. So today I am gonna tell you the three cheap and best employee monitoring software.

Note: I have divided these 3 softwares into 3 different categories (Famous, Moderate, New)

1). ActivTrak: ActivTrak is one of the most famous and big names in this industry. Many SMEs and large enterprises use this software. During the covid-19 situation the demand for this software increases. The UI of this software is very user-friendly, It is easy to use and easy to implement. Below are some cool features of ActivTrak.

ActivTrak - ActivTrak

a). Application and website usage

Understand app and site usage by team and individual to identify adoption gaps and potential risk areas from unvetted tools.

  • Understand which applications and websites employees use most.
  • Filter usage % by productive and unproductive categories.
  • Identify frequently used unproductive apps or websites and set usage limits.
  • Uncover apps with redundant functionality to reduce license costs and streamline business processes.

b). Activity logs

Reference detailed logs of user activities and events collected to better understand what transpired, when and by whom for audit trails.

  • Analyze workflows by following the displayed chain of events.
  • Find gaps in workflows and where time can be better allocated.
  • Investigate compliance incidents at any given time with data and context.
  • Use the analytic findings as coaching opportunities and to improve processes.

c). Productivity reports

View a variety of analytical reports to drill-down into valuable team productivity insights for comparative analysis.

  • Measure employee productivity using the Productivity report. 
  • Identify top performers and gamify team productivity with the Top Users report.
  • Leverage trend reports finding the right workload balance for each team member.
  • Learn workload patterns to identify misaligned skill sets and adjust as needed.

Know more about ActivTrak, source

2). Teramind: Many people will say Teramind is also a very big name in terms of employee monitoring software, yes I know Teramind is a big name but its popularity is not more than ActivTrak, that’s why I list Teramind second on my top-3 list. Below are some cool features of teramind.

a). Employee Monitoring

Monitor employee activity with customizable reports to identify team, department, individual-level productivity, social media use, time spent on projects, apps, and more.

b). File transfer tracking

Use Teramind to monitor all file activity, such as file creation, deletion, access, or write operations. Enforce company policy through configurable behavior rules.

  • Get notified when files are uploaded to the cloud as an e-mail attachment or uploaded to Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, and more
  • Textual logs and visual screen recording accompany all actions that a user makes in regard to files, allowing administrators to clearly see how information is used
  • Track a file’s movement through a system, regardless of whether it was opened or altered through a third-party application
  • Block read or write access to certain folders on USB storage devices, local drives, or network shares
  • File activity monitoring prevents unauthorized access and is the first line of defense against sensitive data leaks

c). Instant message monitoring

Monitor and react to any chat conversation, whether on a web or application-based platform. Teramind captured all chat content, including file transfers, and indexes them for easy access.

  • Block chats that contain inappropriate keywords, and alert the administrator
  • Alert when users chat with certain people, or on certain platforms
  • Track conversations that contain multiple participants

Many more other features which are very tough to share here. You can see the source for more information

3). Leapmax: After so much research, finally I found a new name for this list and that is Leapmax. According to my research, I found Leapmax is quite a new software. I found its features more interesting in terms of employee monitoring.  Below are some cool features of Leapmax.

Leapmax Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

a).  Data security

With two-factor AI-Based validation and proactive monitoring features, Leapmax ensures the best data safety and security for your remote working team. Once logged in under Leapmax, the user’s system moves to a more customized mode. Options like print screen, or cut and copy amongst other key combinations are blocked. Admin or supervisors can create and block key combinations they think their teams do not require, for tighter data security.

b). Remote workforce monitoring

Monitor remote employee activity, track employee workflow and productivity practices with Leapmax’s remote workforce monitoring tools. Monitor every user’s online and away status or more precisely during working hours to rule out user inefficiencies. A user’s screen can be captured and images stored at regular intervals with Leapmax, helping to get an insight into an employee’s engagement at work and where most of their active time is spent.

c). Network health

Identify faults in network connectivity beforehand to seamlessly go about the daily operation, without any interruptions. Leapmax comes with a simplified DIY configuration of desktop screens for bandwidth optimization that makes it easy for every non-technical user to operate. Every user can scrutinize both organization’s VPN network health and personal Internet connection speed simultaneously, before logging into work.

Source of Leapmax

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