Top 5 Essentials for Pet Dogs first Owner’s

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Top 5 Essentials for Pet Dogs first Owner’s

Topic : Top 5 Essentials for Pet Dogs first Owner’s

Here Is Contemplate the Relationship You Want with Your Pet Dog!!

Pet ownership offers a lots of benefits for physical and emotional health.

After a long and difficult day, welcoming a puppy into your home means having a constant walking companion, lots of cuddle sessions, puppy kisses, and trips to the dog park. Read more about Top 5 Essentials for Pet Dogs first Owner’s.

Having a puppy into your home means it’s time to go shopping! If you’re a first-time puppy parent, walking into the pet store might be a little overwhelming.

You might be getting confused what to buy and what to not. Like what are their needs in everyday life for example toys, leashes, beds, bowls etc.

We are here with step by step list of top 5 essentials to keep your pets stay happy, comfortable and Safe.

1.Comfort essentials


dog crate is a Cage enclosure with a door in which a dog may be kept for security purpose. Dog crates are designed to replicate a dog’s natural den and as such can provide them with a place of refuge at home or when traveling to new surroundings.

Dogs bed

Just like you and me, your puppy is going to want a soft, cozy spot to curl up and relax. You can place their bed in your bedroom, next to your bed for nighttime, and if you plan to allow your new addition to sleep in your bed at night, their bed will provide them comfort during the day while you are away.


Gate is an alternate option to Crate for your loved one. By just creating a gate to your Main doors or the stairs side, will have a freedom of space to roam around and also there would be a safety door for them.

2. Safety Essentials


Collar allows you to always let your pets to take a walk with you. It also allows you to control on your pets from roaming in an inappropriate manner. Collars are of many different Materials.Every dog needs a collar, chiefly because they need something on which to hang their leash, license, ID and rabies vaccination tag.


It’s a 2nd option to keep your dogs on control rather than collar until your puppy don’t gets fully trained and not understands your commands. Harnesses are more challenging to get out of, and don’t choke your puppy like a collar would if they decide to chase after a squirrel or neighborhood friend!

Four to six-foot leash

Dog’s leash is one of the most important dog supplies for your furry best friend.Leash helps for your pets training and controls them while you are on public tied with a collar or Harness. Consider the thickness of the leash and weight of the clasp when selecting a basic dog leash, because one size doesn’t necessarily fit


ID tag

People who’ve once lost their beloved pup know the importance of Pet ID Tags which not only serves for identification purpose but also makes more adorable. Most of the id tags are ideal with your phone number Or Name. ID tag is the most important thing which you should always near a collar or harness have with a puppy, to let others know were to contact if your pet get missed and get connected in emergencies. 

3. Grooming Essentials

Doggy shampoo and conditioner

You can share your coat, bed, living space or your toys bust one thing that you cant share is your Shampoo. As their skin and hairs are unique choose shampoo and conditioner wisely which suites the best. So that you can protect from any types of hair infections. Like scales, dryness, itchy skin, prophylaxis and management of puritis and for routine bath.

Nail clippers

Can understand that while cutting nails of your dear dog will make you nervous as its a tricky process. But proper nail care is essential for your dog’s comfort and even his health. Nails that are too long can cause our dogs’ feet to get out of alignment and interrupt the flow of energy, cause discomfort, affect their health, and cause a variety of problems. So cut your pets nails cleanly, evenly and quickly and which will allow you and your child to play seamlessly with your pets.

Brush or comb For Grooming

Brushing really is pretty basic. You just need to understand the type of coat your dog has, and that determines how often you need to brush and what type of brush to use. It efficiently removes tangles, dirt, and loose fur from your pet’s coats, ensures you have the right comb regardless of if you have a pet with short, medium or long hair.


Most dogs who likes to enjoy bath time or swimming time — freak out when they are wet. So they would quickly like to get to the piece of fabric, where they get their body rubbed to get dry. So Towels Absorbs water from dog’s fur quickly and easily which they would love to get loved with your hands and feels pleasure.

4. Food and Water Essentials

Food and water bowls

Food and water bowls are one of the most needed to keep yours pets health well maintained and to their comfort in the mealtime. As mealtime are your pet’s favorite times other than playing. So make sure that you have a separate bowls for Food and water. Bowls should be as per your bets size so they don’t have to strain their necks to eat and drink.

Healthy Food

Most people feed their dogs dry food or canned wet food. A nutritious, balanced diet is essential to keeping your dog healthy. There are different types of foods for your pets as well. Quality commercial dog foods are highly regulated and have undergone rigorous testing by veterinary specialists. On interest of your pets choose wisely which type of food he/she likes, and make sure that you choose healthy one.

5. Fun and Health Essentials

Variety of toys

Toys are basic requirements and not luxury as like to a human’s. Toys are important to your dog’s well-being. Toys help your pets stay happy and busy while you have to leave them alone at your home. Toys can even help prevent your dog from developing certain problem behaviors. So let your pets have some fun with some varieties of toys like your own child and watch them getting excited running around the ball, chewing a toy, interacting keys and puzzle games.

Poopy Bags (Diapers)

As being a parent, your duty is to pick up the poopy! Keeping a holder with poop bags on your leash is the easiest way to ensure that you always have a way to clean up their poops. So at different times they also needs variety of pads like Puppy pads, Auto Poop Collector and to through it all a Biodegradable Garbage Bags too. It also helps maintain good hygiene in your home.

First-aid supplies

Just as we gets diseased our pets also get the same, A first-aid kit is important not only in the event of a natural disaster, but any time a pet is far away from immediate help — for example when the family takes the pet camping or on vacation out of the area. So Make sure that you get well prepared in an unexpected emergencies and to recheck it every months to assure that don’t gets expired or needs to be replaced. So this concludes the topic for Top 5 Essentials for Pet Dogs first Owner’s.

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