Top 5 Printers for Home with low cost per page

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Top 5 Printers for Home with low cost per page

Topic : Top 5 Printers for Home with low cost per page

What is that one most important thing that you should keep in mind before buying a printer ? Read more about Top 5 Printers for Home with low cost per page

That is you all must check the cost per page before buying a printer generally if the initial price of the printer is low its cost per page would be high and if its initial buying price is high its cost per page would be low.

Printers companies generally sell the cheap printers in losses or just the for a minimum margin profit but they try to recover the profit by selling ink on higher prices.

The cheap printers which are available in the market are only cheap in buying but the running cost of a printers are much more and they easily wear and tear and some times it is easy to buy a new one than to repair the old printer.

So you must trade off one to get another.

Mostly we have three types of printers inkjet printer, ink tank printer and laser printer

Here is the list of best printer home use.

We will be be comparing the cost and the speed of the printers as the build quality and the print quality is almost the same for every printer.

For one of the best printers in the list is   

The HP Deskjet 2655 is our best budget printer having an all-in-one printer scanner and copier. Deskjet 2655 is a great choice and a big selling point for this HP is the HP subscription ink and the built-in Wi-Fi for wireless printing.
It’s really easy to connect your computers and even your phone and where you put the printer isn’t restricted by the length of the USB connection cable so now you can put it on the other side
of the room and remotely access it if you like.

The print quality and speed are great for personal and office printing needs even the scanner at 600 dpi is perfect for documents.

The pros are Wi-Fi printing no more cables and no more printer crowding your work space

Mobile printing is another added benefit with HP’s printer app you can print right from your phone making it super convenient.

The compact design takes up minimal desk or office space.

With instant dry ink technology you can handle your prints the second the printer spits them out you don’t have to worry about getting ink on your hands or smudging your photos or accidentally spilling ink on your face just before a client presentation and for high-volume if you regularly print 300 plus pages per month the cost of the subscription ink can get expensive.

When we consider the speed it is not the fastest printer on the market and black and white documents spit out in about six seconds while color prints can take up to a minute but they do look great when printed on photo paper so it’s a bit of a trade-off it’s an amazing entry-level
all-in-one printer and with the value of HP’s subscription added in the HP Deskjet 2655 is a great choice at an incredible price for the budget minded and space conscious buyer. 

2. Epson eco tank L3100

Another good option in ink tank printer is Epson eco tank L3100 it can print 33 pages black and 15 pages colored in just under 1 minute the cost per page for black is 7p and colored is 18p that is really low there is no wi-fi feature and is quite expensive about 10400 rupees.

3. Canon pixma e4270

Canon pixma e4270 it can print 8.8 pages black and 4.4 pages colored in one minute the cost per page is high being 1.3 rupees for black and 3.5 rupees for colored but you do get an additional feature of wifi printing and automatic 2 side printing it also costs less at just being rupees 8700 and you can get it for rupees 8000 or even rupee 7500 during sale.

4. HP deskjet 4729

It is the most value for money printer with almost all the features of canon pixma and plus extra few it can print 7.5 pages black and 5.5 pages colored in one minute the cost per page would be 0.52 paisa for black and 1 rupees for colored it is the sweet spot between the canon and the Epson in the terms of price as it costs rs 9000 only it has extra features such as voice command it is wi-fi enabled and simply looks the best among all. So this concludes the topic for Top 5 Printers for Home with low cost per page.

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