Top 5 Professional Video Explainers 2021 On FIVERR | Review Guide

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Top 5 Professional Video Explainers On FIVERR:  Using data visuals to leverage your online marketing data. They are short animated videos that explain the product, services, and also business in a simple engaging and compelling way; using clear and concise language. They are appealing, attractive visuals that quickly grab viewer’s attention. Read more about Top 5 Professional Video Explainers 2021 On FIVERR | Review Guide.

Explainer videos can be Informational and educational; so where the teachers break down a complex topic into easily digestible blocks.

Generally, these videos explain what services an organization provides, how it could solve their problems and why is it their service the best option in the market.

It is an ideal medium for providing information because it stimulates both visual and auditory senses.

It is used mostly on social media platforms. An 88% increase in the engagement rate is seen when used on a website with 20% increased conversions observed.

A couple of similarities are seen between the traditional videos and an Explainer video, let’s focus on the Hallmarks of Explainer videos.


The typical sweet spot for an animated explainer video is around 90seconds; the maximum attention span of an individual which makes then clear and straight forward.


Quick and smart dialogue delivery in the 40-90second window rolls the dice.

Use of confident modes of speech whilst you hold onto the script.


Take a concept that is otherwise difficult to describe and transform it into a clear and concise message. So that the viewers clearly appreciate your message.

Focused and efficient-

Talk specifically to your target audience and their problems, be relevant.

Strip down to the core essentials and clearly articulate your message. The audience will stick only whether you do or don’t speak relatively; what they should know for first time hearing.

High Quality-

You might find thousands of explainer videos online, but you need to stand out. your explainer video should be unique to you and you only.


There are no short cuts or cookie-cutter solutions here. Your videos should be on-brand with the company guidelines, the fonts, the color schemes all the way to the tones of the scripts and even the style of the voiceover. Your video represents you, keep it unique and simple.


The human brain reacts to alphabets faster than math. So a good explainer video uses a story to send a message across in an efficient way. Walk you viewers through your brand; don’t tell them; talk to them.

Upbeat –

The first expression is the best expression. The first exposure of your audience to your video decide its engagement rate; “whether or not they will interact with your brand”.

“Not one size fits all”- Be specific. Look for your category of brand/ company/ filed of service that you provide and color the first impression accordingly.

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Top 5 Professional Video Explainers On FIVERR


Check On Fiverr

  • A Fiverr ambassador with graphic designing skills.
  • Holding an 8-year experience.


Check On Fiverr

  • High-quality video in many languages.
  • Effluent in German, Spanish or Italian.


Check On Fiverr

  • On Fiverr since 2015 Best professional.
  • 2D animated video service provider.


Check On Fiverr

  • Background of 5 years.
  • video producer.


Check On Fiverr

  • Animated marketing videos.
  • Simplifies complex procedures.

1. uniquefivex

uniquefivex,Professional Video Explainers On FIVERR


A top-rated seller and a Fiverr ambassador with graphic designing skills. Holding an 8-year experience with Fiverr.

Also your project is provided with the scriptwriting a voice over too.

2. rehan_pro

rehan_pro,Professional Video Explainers On FIVERR


This Gig offers you high-quality video in many languages. Effluent in German, Spanish or Italian.

With quick Turnaround Time which ensures your business gets audience engagement and profit too.

3. explainer_hero

explainer_hero,Professional Video Explainers On FIVERR


On Fiverr since 2015 Best professional 2D animated video service provider on Fiverr!

Works light on your projects and makes both animated and whiteboard videos.

This Gig provides copyright background music, copyright character with different position and gesture and 1080p HD video output. A must approach freelancer with excellent skills.

4. limango

limango,Professional Video Explainers On FIVERR


Background of 5 years as a video producer. Well versed with adobes programs.

Her package includes

  1. Voice over’s (in American and Australian Accent)
  2. Also, with Customized explainer video
  3. Unlimited revisions

5. angelinahazel

angelinahazel,Professional Video Explainers On FIVERR


Creates animated marketing videos for your business and sales.

Simplifies complex procedures with easy-going explanations.

Let’s have a look at the benefits-

Explains what you do in a matter of seconds and to top it on-

It does that 24/7; which increases your engagement, sparks the interest and boosts the conversion rates.

Also if present on the homepage of your website, it dramatically increases visitors time spend on your page.

Boosts your online visibility –

Explainer videos are fun to watch, informal and are more like to be shared with your peers.

And so if uploaded on platforms like YouTube- the second largest search engine and the third-largest social network in the world. You’ve hit the bull’s-eye. You are most likely to be discovered by more people organically.

Increases your conversions-

Explainer videos are catchy, appealing, and compelling. As they tend to engage a viewer for a longer duration. It elicits their interest in your video, yields them to research and connect with your brand.


Highly benefits the entrepreneur. Cutting down on the capital, not needing a huge production value.

You could isolate the key elements of the video in addition to zero distraction.

No audience distraction is achieved with zero extra charges.

Also, no background in the frame, zoning in on audience attention.

Animation and motion tend to be eye-catching, less complicated. Changing the environment or the character to keep branding consistency is easier than live videos.

The Best 5 Logo Designer On FIVERR

Different types of explainer videos


Explain product service or concepts using motion graphics. Cut down the expanse of hiring stars of finding a perfect location.

Whether you want your video set in space, underwater or in Saudi Arabia; an animated explainer video has got you all.

  • White Board

Replica of the olden day’s blackboard with a prime difference of quality.

Also, with a specific type of animated videos in high quality where the images are hand-drawn and erasable on the whiteboard.

Live Action

It is just impossible to count the advertisement you see per day. There are innumerable live-action explainer videos in the form of advertisement or short films.

But being highly cumbersome are least preferred.

And also difficult to substitute. They are used in sectors that sell tangible products like clothes, food or so companies that advertise tourism.

Screen Cast

A simpler way to create an explainer video. Essentially software is run and your screen is recorded.


Top 5 Professional Video Explainers On FIVERR: You could discover tons of explainer video specialists with high experiences and unmatchable skill on Fiverr. Also, a specialized platform to purchase online marketing content.

Use visual details to leverage the marketing knowledge online. They are short animated videos, so this offers a clear and convincing description for the product , service or company. Also, they are enticing and attractive views that easily capture the eye of the viewer. So this concludes the topic for Top 5 Professional Video Explainers 2021 On FIVERR | Review Guide.

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