Top Best Budget wired Headphones Under 2000

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   Top Best Budget wired Headphones Under 2000

Topic: Top Best Budget wired Headphones Under 2000

We are checking out the top wired headphones that you can get for under 2000 rupees. Now we’ve compiled a list of wired headphones that we’ve collected after testing quite a lot of headphones and these will range in price from 500 rupees all the way up to 2000 rupees and we’ll try and include a good list of headphones.

Bass Buds Q2

headphones under 2000These are over-ear wired headphones. Now, these headphones do have an inline microphone. They can fold up for compact and convenient usage they’re extremely lightweight but well built they do have an ample amount of padding as well. They’re light on the ear which means that they don’t sit too tight even on bigger heads and they’ll be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Read full Specification here.

Sennheiser HD 206

Now for a price of 1200 rupees these almost double the budget but also double the audio quality. They do have a fairly long cable and the connector on the cable is gold plated as well. It also comes with a 6.3 mm adapter which also is gold plated. Now, these headphones have a frequency response of 21 to 18 000 hertz and they weigh in at about 215 grams. Read full specifications here.

Philips SHL175

headphones under 2000

Now, these are in the white color but they’re also available in black color. Now, these are priced at 1725 rupees. These have 40 mm, neodymium speakers, or drivers, in the ear cups can fold up as well as flatten out. The headband is entirely made out of plastic and there’s no head cushioning but the headphones themselves are extremely lightweight and the cushion is really soft on the ear cups. Read full specifications here.


headphones under 2000

Finally, the top product on our list is the AKG K52 closed-back headphones. Now, these headphones are priced at rupees 2000 at the time of purchase. Now, these are over the year style of headphones that has a really really nice build quality. They have a leather strap cushion on the headband as well as really soft cushioned ear cups. Read full Specification Here.

So if you’re using them with your smartphone they will work just as great as they would with an amp. You can tweak around with the equalizer and push the volume levels quite high on this one and there are great amounts of clarity and great amounts of bass on these headphones and surprisingly for a price of 2000 rupees. These do offer up a really really good sound they do have a maximum of 110 decibels of sensitivity which is fairly loud for the headphones. So be careful when you push the volume to the max and that completes our list of wired headphones under 2000.

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