Truly Wireless Earphones for Budget Under 2000

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Truly Wireless Earphones for Budget Under 2000

Topic : Truly Wireless Earphones for Budget Under 2000

We are checking out the top truly wireless earphones that you can get for under 2000 rupees. Let’s get started with the first product on our list are the raegr air shots 500 truly wireless earphones. Read more about Truly Wireless Earphones for Budget Under 2000.

RAEGR AirShots 500

Now they do have Bluetooth 5.0 and auto connectivity. So they pair with each other without any problem. The earphones offer up to five hours of usage and also have ipx7 waterproof design which means that you can use them in the gym or while working out or even in the rain without any problem. This case has a battery of 1500 milliamps and it can charge the earphones up to 12 times giving you upwards of 40 to 50 hours of usage with the earphones after charging them fully.

The case also has an inbuilt display which can be used quickly to show. The battery levels of each earphone as well as the case itself. The case charge is using a micro USB cable but also has a USB output to work as an emergency charger for other smartphones. The sound quality of the earphones is good and they do come with additional ear tips for a snug fit. The earphones also have touch controls to play pause music send or end calls and also call on assistance whether you’re using an ios device or an android device a pretty cool pair of earphones. So definitely go check these out.

Edifier X3 TWS

Next up on the list is the edifier x3 tws. These are one of my favorites out of the list and for the white color. The price is 1750 rupees whereas the black color is priced at 2000 rupees. So I definitely recommend the white color because they’re also in a matte finish and I kind of like the white color. The earphones have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. They come with a Qualcomm chip which ensures quick connectivity as well as low latency. It works really well on these earphones. Now the earphones are a really nice fit and are extremely lightweight and come with additional ear tips to get the right fit for your ear.

They also have impressive battery life with up to six hours of usage and you will easily get upwards of five and a half hours. Even if you crank the volume up the sound quality. The overall volume, as well as the bass levels on these earphones, are really impressive and they do deliver a good music listening experience much like the others. They also have touch controls for enabling your voice assistance on ios as well as android. The touch controls also work for playing or pausing music as well as skipping to the next track. The earphones can be charged inside the case up to four times delivering almost 20 hours of usage which is pretty impressive for the size and the overall form factor of the earphones. Overall very impressed with these earphones go check these out.

Amkette Earbuds X30

Now, these are priced at rupees 1599. They do have volume controls on the earphones themselves. Tap on the right earphone to increase the volume and tap on the left earphone to decrease the volume. They do connect via Bluetooth 5.0 and offer up to 5 hours of usage on a single charge. There are other touch gestures on the earphones for tapping twice. You can play pause music or send or receive phone calls and three taps will enable the assistant whether you’re on ios or android.

The earphones also have dual microphones and software-based noise cancellation and they do offer up a good sound stage not the bassiest of the earphones. But have a good snug fit a really good design of the earphones themselves that fit in the air and stay there quite well. They can be charged multiple times in the case and the case does have a battery indicator and overall you’ll get upwards of 12 hours of audio.

The earphones are ipx4 rated which means that working out with them will not be a problem. The earphones also charge using a USB-C cable which means that if you have a modern smartphone charging. These earphones will not be a problem for you the earphones are linked in the description below go check these out.

Bolt Audio AirBase

The final pair of earphones on our list is the bolt audio airbase pro boards. Now, these are priced at 1999 rupees and for that price. They’re available in two colors black as well as white. We’ve got the white color over here and these are really impressive earphones with a good amount of volume as well. As a base, these offer up to five and a half hours of usage on a single charge. But can be charged multiple times giving you upwards of 25 hours of usage.

The earphones are ipx5 rated which means that if you sweat a lot during your workouts. These earphones will not have a problem with that overall sound quality is good. There is a battery indicator on the case and the earphones themselves have touch buttons that can play pause your music or send or receive calls. It can also switch tracks and increase the volume or decrease the volume. You can also call on your assistant as far as build quality is concerned.

These are really well built and the case itself is also very well built. The audio quality is really good volume is good as well as the base levels are really high. And they do come with additional ear tips for a more comfortable fit inside your ear. The way they sit in your ear they will be a very snug fit and they will not fall out even. If you’re working out or running or anything like that these also do have a low latency mode. So if you’re gaming you can use these truly wireless earphones without any problem go check these out. These are the list for top truly wireless earphones under 2000 rupees. This concludes the topic for Truly Wireless Earphones for Budget Under 2000.

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