TXTFi: Receive Orders Via SMS Tool Review

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TXTFi: Receive Orders Via SMS Tool Review

Topic: TXTFi: Receive Orders Via SMS Tool Review

TxtFi is a Shopify Store App that reaches out customers to reorder products from your store via Text Messages (SMS). This app is fully automated and it can take multiple orders at once. Retargeting the customers is important as they become subscribers to your store customers. Before going deep into TxtFi, first look at the scope of SMS Marketing. Read more about TXTFi: Receive Orders Via SMS Tool Review.

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Why SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing has been a popular and useful marketing method for a very long time, this type of marketing also have its own advantages and disadvantages as every marketing technique does. SMS marketing is one of the oldest method of marketing and often used by Shopping Malls, Digital Stores to attract more customers with specific offers at certain periods of time.

SMS Marketing is Old, but Not Dead Yet.

Unlike Email marketing, SMS Marketing is a bit costlier and also with a high engagement rate. Emails cannot reach potential customers sometimes, but SMS messages have always been reaching customers. Most people don’t check their emails daily as they check their text messages daily. And every mobile has a messaging app by default, even a keypad(Non-ScreenTouch Type) mobile.

What’s So Special about TxtFi?

TxtFi uses SMS marketing as its main medium to interact with the customers who already bought products from your Shopify Store. It is a Fully-Automated System that requires only a one-time setup and it runs campaigns in automation to reach out your customers to increase sales. It can send targeted messages to different types of customers with different types of products by analyzing their wishlists and previously ordered products.

To Sign up for TxtFi’s 60-Days Free Trial, Click Here.

The customers can reorder the products via SMS in less than a minute. TxtFi can handle one/more products, which means it can receive one/more orders at a time. Once the customer has confirmed his/her products, the checkout page link will be sent via text message pre-filling all his/her details. This makes the customer to make payment directly without being delayed in entering details and they will be one click away from getting their products. Hence improving the conversion rate of your store and your income as well.

Turn your customers into regular subscribers by reminding them about their ordered products.

Features of TxtFi:

  • Fully Automated System (No additional team needed),
  • Targeted Messages to different groups of Customers,
  • Can handle multiple orders,
  • Direct Checkout page link with pre-filled details of the customers.
  • Different sets of plans including a FOREVER FREE PLAN.

TxtFi also offers 60-Days Free Trial on every plan before paying for its features. So this concludes the topic for TXTFi: Receive Orders Via SMS Tool Review.

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To signup for TxtFi, Click Here.


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