June 22, 2021

Types of Massage Chairs 2021

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Types of Massage Chairs 2021

Topic: Types of Massage Chairs 2021– Different Types Of Massage Chair 2021- Zero gravity, Ottoman, Shiatsu| Best Target Specific Body Part Massager- Arm, Neck, Back, Head, Hip Different Types Of Massage Chair 2021

  • Zero gravity,
  • Ottoman,
  • Shiatsu
  • Best Target Specific Body Part Massager-
    • Arm,
    • Neck,
    • Back,
    • Head,
    • Hip

There are different types of massage chairs available. Below, we have mentioned a detailed explanation of each type of massage chair and further Best Target Specific Body Part Massager for arm, neck, back, head and hip.

Types Of Massage Chair 2021

• Zero Gravity Massage Chair Best Comfortable Full Body Massage Chair in India 2021 Zero gravity massage chair is one of the most popular types of massage chair and is in very high demand. This type of massage chair usually comes under luxury and their price is very high. Why it is called zero gravity body massage chair– In a zero gravity massage chair our body is reclined in such a position that you feel zero gravity or you are in space and you don’t have to hold your weight. These are designed to give relaxed and luxurious experiences. The zero gravity position takes off the pain of the spine and improves blood circulation when you undergo full-body massage by zero gravity massage chair. Not every type of massage chair provide a zero gravity massaging experience • Full Body Massage Chair   As the name indicate it perform Full body massage from head to toe. It not only removes muscle tiredness and stiffness but increases blood supply to each body part to the body and effective oxygen supply to all your organs. A full body massage chair tries to gives you the same experience as done by a professional massage hand. The price of a full-body massage chair is also a little high but it’s a one-time investment for lifetime access. • Shiatsu Massage Chair

Different Types Of Massage Chair 2021- Zero gravity, Ottoman, Shiatsu

This type of the massage chair are very popular. In this type of massage chair, Shiatsu- massage techniques are used. In the shiatsu massage technique, pressure is applied to the back. To be more precise specific pressure point on the back. Massage chairs perform the shiatsu massage technique by a set of rollers or multiple airbags. Pressure can be increased or decreased according to uses choice. This is the most effective and popular massage technique. In fact, some massage chairs are specialized and particularly based on this technique and hence are called shiatsu massage chairs. Top 3 Best Comfortable Full Body Massage Chair 2021| • Ottoman Massage Chair Ottoman massage chairs are the best low-budget types of massage chairs and are recommended for a person who has a tight budget. Ottoman massage chair is more expensive than normal chairs but gives you a benefit of comfort and relaxing experience that is given by usually full body massage chair. People should buy an ottoman massage chair rather than a normal chair for home and office uses as it is worth your money. There is no upper and lower bound or limitation from both ends and one can feel free to expand his legs and hands hence it has maximum coverage. This makes it the no. 1 choice for taller people. These types of chairs will recline enough to provide a relaxing experience. These types of massage chair are perfect to use while watching TV or reading your favorite book. • Seat Pad Chair or Massage Cushions

Seat Pad Chair or Massage Cushions

Here if you can’t afford any type of massage chair due to the high price or unavailability of proper space then you can go for a massage chair pad or massage cushions. You just have to put this pad over the normal chair and hence you can create your own massage chair on less budget. This improves blood circulation and prevents the formation of clots which can lead to deep vein thrombosis (DVT)  

Target Specific Body Part MassagerMassage Chair Alternatives

Apart from different types of the massage chair, we are also representing you target specific body part massager which acts as a massage chair alternative. Because of medical issues or other reasons, sometimes it may require more attention to certain targeted body parts. For such a case, we recommend checking out the following target specific massager- • Head Massager Having a head massager is very important even for those who already have massage chair because a majority of massage chair gives massage till neck. So having a head-specific massager gives you a benefit in all ways. This head massager is very helpful in situations like headaches and migraines and it target muscles to provide relief. Benefit- provide relief against headache and migraines • Foot Massager

A foot massager is a must-have requirement for people who walks a slot and have to stand while traveling like in a bus or metro. Also for people who feel tired from long day fieldwork or have poor blood circulation are recommended to use a foot massager. Usually, massage chairs come with a foot massager so if you have a massage chair you don’t have to worry but if you don’t have then it is advisable to buy a separate foot massager. Foot massager uses rollers, airbags, rotating disc, or heated massage option to perform the massaging. • Neck Massager Massage chairs have neck massage function but if you are only targeting the neck you can go for a neck massager. Some people feel stress or pain in their neck they should use a neck massager. Either go for a massage chair having a neck massage option or go for a separate neck massager. Benefit- remove neck pain and stress.

  • Hip Massager

Hip massage is properly done by massage chair by airbags. Hip massager removes stiffness and targets spine area. It helps to maintain proper posture and alignment of the back and spine and uses airbags to provide relief. Either go for a massage chair having a hip massage option or go for a separate hip massager. • Arm Massager To remove muscle tightness of arms, an arm massager is a very beneficial option one can go for. It increases muscle elasticity and flexibility and regulates proper blood circulation.

Benefits – reduces hand pain, greater strength, increase muscle elasticity and flexibility, increase blood circulation To know: Different Massage Technique click here  

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