Types of Room Heaters

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Types of Room Heaters

Topic : Types of Room Heaters

Generally, there are three types of Room Heaters.

Convection Heaters or Fan Heaters

The heating element in this heater heats the air in contact with it by thermal conduction. The room heater has a fan and a coil or heating element for the generation of hot air. The circulation of hot air around the room is with the help of a fan. Hot air is created by way of conversion of electric energy to heat energy. Read more about Types of Room Heaters.

The coil is heated due to the electric current passing through it. When the fan blows air towards the coil, the hot air gets circulated in the room and keeps the room warm.

These room heaters are inexpensive, provide complete room coverage, and are absolutely safe for your home with small children around. These heaters are small, compact, and portable.

Oil Heater or Conduction Heater

The oil heater contains oil inside their body and this serves as a heat reservoir. It transfers heat to the surrounding area making even the large spaces warm. These oil heaters efficiently warm up large spaces with low noise levels.

Infrared or Radiant or Halogen Heater

This type of heater for room gives direct heat to a specific area through infrared rays of heat. There is a metal coil in this type of room heater and is directly heated by electricity and it glows. This heater uses Infrared technology to produce heat and applies directly to its surrounding.

The heat produced is directly proportional to the wattage set on this type of heater and dissipates as soon as the heater is turned off. These are ideal for localized or spot heating purposes.

Points to check before buying a Room Heater

There are a number of room heaters in the market and they are categorized in terms of

  • Wattage
  • Heating method
  • Heating Capacity
  • Size
  • Safety Features
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Auto Cut off
  • Noise levels
  • Handle
  • Cord length

For an amazing list of these three types of room heaters, you can visit my website. So this concludes the topic for Types of Room Heaters.

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