UnBounce: Cheapest Landing Page Builder Review

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UnBounce: Cheapest Landing Page Builder

Topic: Unbounce: Cheapest Landing Page Builder Review

Unbounce is a drag&drop landing page builder that can build highly conversive landing pages within no-time. Unbounce is becoming more popular and gaining more users every day because of its highly converting pages and the development that the Unbounce team has been implementing. Read more about UnBounce: Cheapest Landing Page Builder.

It has a simple Drag&Drop builder by which even a no-coder can build beautiful landing pages easily. One of the best parts of Unbounce is they offer unlimited landing pages with their basic plan which is highly cheap while comparing to other landing page builders like Instapage.

Build your 1st Landing Page on Unbounce here

While coming to the visitor’s count, Unbounce offers a unique 20,000 visitors/month with their basic plan. The visitor’s limit can be increased by upgrading to their other plans. Apart from unlimited landing pages, Unbounce also offers unlimited Pop-Ups and unlimited Stickybars to their landing pages. The pop-ups can be used as exit based pop-ups which can be triggered with exit intents.

Unbounce has integrations with Aweber, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Hubspot, and also has a wide range of Zapier integrations. The landing pages can generate leads and can be sent to your favorite CRM automatically using webhooks and also trigger events like email campaigns and many more.

It has a Split-Testing module where you can test the convertibility of various landing pages by redirecting your visitors to any one of the pages you are testing. This gives better insight into the pages which are converting better than others.

Unbounce provides 1 free custom domain with their basic plan which can be increased up to 15 custom domains with different plans according to your need. Auto image optimization and Unsplash image library are provided in Unbounce to give a better & fast page loading to your landing pages.

It offers 100+ prebuild and tested templates which can be duplicated as your landing page. The prebuild landing pages are fully-customizable and can be made more beautiful and creative by you. Unbounce has a Free Landing Page Analyser which analyses the landing pages that has been built to check the responsiveness, performance, SEO, and many more aspects of the landing pages.

Pros of Unbounce:

  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Drag&Drag Page Builder
  • Cheaper than Instapage
  • Unlimited Pop-ups and Stickybars
  • Split-Testing Module
  • Auto Image Optimization
  • Unsplash Image Support
  • Mobile Responsive Pages
  • Free Landing Page Analyser

Signup for Unbounce HERE

Cons of Unbounce:

  • Limited Conversions/month while Instapage offers unlimited conversions


If you have a limited audience and want a cheaper landing page builder, then go with Unbounce as it has a lot of features (apart from limited conversion rate), but if you want to have an unlimited conversion rate then go with Instapage as it has offers a little more features than Unbounce, the price of the Instapage is comparatively high with Unbounce.

Both Instapage and Unbounce offers Free Trials, sign up for both of them and check which one suits you the best. So this concludes the topic for UnBounce: Cheapest Landing Page Builder.

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Sign Up for Unbounce HERE

Sign Up for Instapage HERE  

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