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Cushions can be used in the lounge or in bedrooms. They could also be used outdoors. They are a versatile item that could be used wherever you need them and they are perfect as decorative objects. Here are a few upholstery ideas for your cushions.

Cushions that match the lounge suite. If you have a lounge suite that you love and you want to get a few cushions for extra comfort and décor, then you could have cushions upholstered with the same or similar material as the lounge suite. For example, if you have a red leather lounge suite, you could upholster the cushions in a red leather material to perfectly match the lounge suite. It will look like they came as a set.

Cushions that contrast a lounge suite. For the modern look, contrast is king. It is all about adding opposite colours. If you have a white lounge suite, a contrasting black cushion will look interesting. Black and white shades are typically modern colours especially for the minimalistic look.

Geometric shapes are creative. Select a pattern that is made up of triangular patterns or circular shapes. These patterns can be made up on two colours for a modern cushion or a variety of different colours for that retro appearance. These can be placed in your living room as scatter cushions to add a bit of interest in the décor.

Softer materials for the bedroom. Scatter cushions are popular as bedroom décor. The colour you decide on will depend on the bedding you have selected. Whichever colour that may be you could upholster cushions in a colour that is in keeping with the bedding design. However, instead of leather type material, it is advisable to opt for a softer material such as cotton or satin for the bedroom scatter cushions. The softer material will give the bed a calmer appeal.

Stronger materials for the outdoors. If you have a patio set that is based in your back yard, then you will need cushions that are sturdy and durable. Usually the cushions are used to support your back and your bottom. For upholstery you will require a tougher material for this purpose. It’s best to check with the upholsterers first because they can advise you of the ideal material for outdoor cushions. When it comes to the design, blue and white stripes are popular for the outdoors or natural colours to complement your garden.

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