July 27, 2021

Vidtoon 2.0 Review : Best Software For Making 2D Animated Videos

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Vidtoon 2.0 Review : Best Software For Making 2D Animated Videos


Vidtoon 2.0 is an animated video maker for 2D animation. Vidtoon 2.0 creates animated video within few minutes with built-in characters, music, text to speech, and a lot more features, you can use this software as an ultimate video marketing tool. It is a new version of Vidtoon which already has a huge success. So what are the new updates recieved in the Vidtoon 2.0? Is it better than previous version? Is it really the best 2D animated video maker in 2021? Is it pocket friendly?


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Advantage Of Animated Videos


Mostly on Social Media various peoples and brands make post. If the posts are normal text type or only images then mostly they get less reach, but instead if we have a Animated Video then 90% of peoples tend to watch the post in animated format. Animated Videos are can be understood in this steps:

  1. Brands Stop
  2. Brands Watch
  3. Brands listen to our videos.

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Where Can We Use Animated Videos?

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Animation has something for every kind of niche:

  1. Bloggers – Traffic to your articles
  2. Affiliate Marketers – Traffic to your promotions
  3. eCom Store Owners – Traffic to your products
  4. Youtube Channel Owners – Traffic to your videos
  5. Digital Marketers – Traffic to your target audience
  6. Coaches – Traffic to your tutorials
  7. Small Businesses – Traffic to your homegrown brand
  8. Local Consultants – Traffic to your clients


Newest Way To Create Animated Videos


Just upgrade to Vidtoon 2.0 and start creating your animated video with easy. Making videos on Vidtoon 2.0 is as easy as child’s play with the newest and wide range of software on Vidtoon 2.0

It is so simple to use that a complete new user without any prior experience in animated video making can make videos with the drag and drop function which has a wide range of resources with which we can customize, personalize and design our content to perfection.


Success Mantra With Vidtoon 2.0


  1. Download Vidtoon 2.0
  2. Make Videos
  3. Go Viral On Social Media


Whats New in Vidtoon 2.0 From Previous Version?

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  1. 25 New Characters
  2. 30 More Animations and Transitions
  3. Reducing Image Preview Quality Without Affecting Final Output
  4. 34 New HD Background


Other Features Of Vidtoon 2.0


  1. Amazing Transition2d explainer video
  2. Impressive Typography
  3. Easy Customization
  4. Simplistic Technology
  5. Rapid Personalization
  6. Immensely Conversational
  7. Text To Speech Support
  8. Multi-Install License
  9. 30 Days Refund Policy


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Which devices are supported with Vidtoon 2.0?

    • Supported on Windows with minimum i5 and 8Gb RAM & on MacOS
    • Not Supported on Mobiles and iPad

  • How many Characters are available in Vidtoon 2.0?

    • There are 23 types of Characters in which there are
      • 21 Black Male + 21 Black Female Characters
      • 21 White Male + 21 White Female Characters
    • Total 84 Animated Files Per Character.


  • How many Animations are available on Vidtoon 2.0?

    • Total 1680 Animated Files


  • Does Vidtoon 2.0 comes with Step-By-Step Instructions?

    • Step-By-Step Video Tutorial Included
    • Customer Support Team is Also Available


  • How To Contact With Support Team?

    • Send Email At support@vidtoon.com


  • What is the video resolution of exported files from Vidtoon 2.0?

    • FHD Resolution
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