‘Visual Marketing Mate’ – Professional Videos & Marketing Graphics – full review

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In this ‘Visual Marketing Mate’ review, i will review all about this software. ‘Visual Marketing Mate’ is the best professional video editors for marketers who wants to do marketing with video, and this software is perfect for making training video.

Visual Marketing Mate

🔴 Visual Marketing mate  review:

In this digital world marketing is growing everyday and everyone wants to make their business video marketing video. everyone who wants to create their complete marketing video in any business. whatever business you have You can start your business marketing video to get more profit.this is the premium marketing Video and graphics assets to boost your profit.

For making your business successful you only need a perfect tool to creating your dreams, Visual marketing mate is the perfect & the best tool to make your dreams come true.

you can only just do it by your smartphone, laptop, tablat etc. just because Visual Marketing mate is cloud based best tool or software to make your marketing video very efficient and effective.

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Visual Marketing Mate features :

  1.   40 Intro & Outro Video Templates
  2.   20 Marketing Cinemagraphs
  3.   10 Promo Ad Templates
  4.   10 Social Media Video Ad Templates
  5.   48 New Animated Characters
  6.   50 Animated Business Icons
  7.   10 Business Presentation Videos
  8.   16 Sales Tags
  9.   15 Ribbon Banners
  10.   25 Social Media Ad Templates (Static)
  11.   25 Testimonials Templates
  12.   20 Hanging Templates
  13.   15 Business Set Combo (Visiting Card, Letter Pad, Diary, Envelope, ID Card, Bag       Design, CD & CD Cover)
  14.   20 Animated Presentation Templates
  15.   20 Business Cards
  16.   10 Brochure Designs

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  • 20 Intro & Outro Video Templates6 Marketing Cinemagraphs

    4 Promo Ad Templates

    5 Social Media Video Ad Templates

    16 New Animated Characters

    20 Animated Business Icons

  • 4 Business Presentation Videos16 Sales Tags

    10 Social Media Ad Templates

    10 Testimonials Templates

    20 Hanging Templates

They give you 3 kind of licence option:

option #1 – Personal use 

option #2 – Commercial licence 

option #3 – Resell rights

DFY Resell kit has seven moduales:

  • Module 1:High-Converting Sales Page Copy
  • Module 2Professionally Designed Sales Video
  • Module 3: Top-Converting Minisites
  • Module 4: Professionally Designed Graphics
  • Module 5: Conversions Boosting Email Swipes
  • Module 6: Eye-Catching Animated Banners
  • Module 7: Legal Pages

10 Fast Action Bonuses

  • Bonus 1: 2000+ HD Stock Images
  • Bonus 2:1500+ Hi-Def Captivating Videos
  • Bonus 3: 200+ Electrical Music Tracks
  • Bonus 4: 300+ Sound FX Bundle
  • Bonus 5: 250+ Viral Quote Images
  • Bonus 6: 100 PNG 3D Man Characters
  • Bonus 7: Instant Infographics Creator Review Pack
  • Bonus 8: Satisfaction PSD PNG JPG Emblems
  • Bonus 9: 30 Highly Entertaining GIFs
  • Bonus 10: Instant Graphics Collectio

    Visual marketing mates ‘upsell Offer’

  • 20 Intro & Outro Video Templates
  • 14 Marketing Cinemagraphs
  • 6 Promo Ad Templates
  • 5 Social Media Video Ad Templates
  • 32 New Animated Characters
  • 30 Animated Business Icons
  • 6 Business Presentation Videos
  • 15 Ribbon Banners


  • 15 Social Media Ad Templates
  • 15 Testimonials Templates
  • 15 Business Set Combo (Visiting Card, Letter Pad, Diary, Envelope, ID Card, Bag Design, CD & CD Cover)
  • 20 Animated Presentation Templates
  • 20 Business Cards
  • 10 Brochure DesignsThey give you 3 kind of licence option:option #1 – Personal use 

    option #2 – Commercial licence 

    option #3 – Resell rights

    DFY Upsell Resellers Kit Including 5 Modules:

  • Module 1: High-Converting Upsell Sales Page Copy
  • Module 2: Professionally Designed Upsell Sales Video
  • Module 3: Top-Converting Minisites
  • Module 4: Professionally Designed Graphics
  • Module 5: Conversions Boosting Upsell Email Swipes

10 Fast Action Bonuses

  • Bonus 1: 5000+ HD Stock Images
  • Bonus 2: 3000+ Hi-Def Captivating Videos
  • Bonus 3: 300+ Electrical Music Tracks
  • Bonus 4: 700+ Sound FX Bundle
  • Bonus 5: 500+ Viral Quote Images
  • Bonus 6: Expert Graphics Videos Pro
  • Bonus 7: Vid Stickers Review Pack
  • Bonus 8: Sales Video Assets
  • Bonus 9: 30 Pattern Interrupting Video Transitions
  • Bonus 10: WP Facebook Quiz Creator

Frontend offers

 Personal use only for $ 9.95

 Commercial licence only for $ 13.95

 Resell rights only for $ 14.95

Upsell offers

 Personal use only for $ 29.95

 Commercial licence only for $ 34.95

 Resell rights only for $ 37.95

Downsell offers

 Personal use only for $ 24.95

 Commercial licence only for $ 27.95

 Resell rights only for $ 29.95

WHY SHOLD BUY Visual Marketing mate?

Visual Marketing mate is the best tool to make your business marketing video. there is a different features for different kind of business. Visual Marketing mate is prefect for video marketers, bloggers, e- learners, marketers, local marketer, and for everyone who handles their business online.

after using this software i can say that it is the most power full and highly recommended product for all business. it is very easy to use. So i personally recommend you to buy and try this. Visual Marketing mate will gives the way to lift your business to success.

Thanks for your time and clicking on my review 🙏


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