Water heater for kitchen India 2021 Review buyer guide

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Water heater for kitchen in India-In this post we will review the one of the best portable and instant water heater for the kitchen and other places like saloon, and bathroom. Read more about Water heater for kitchen India 2021 Review buyer guide

In this post, we will discuss some of it’s best features and give the list of best portable instant heater so without any further delay let’s get started.

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Some Useful features that you will get along with the water heater are

Auto Cut

These water heater  come with the thermostat which automatically cut off the power when the water temperature rises more than 65 degrees.

ABS body

Material of this geyser is made of high-quality ABS plastic due to which it is durable and you can operate it with either with soft and hard water.

Inbuilt MCB

This is the second most important feature in terms of safety if any short circuit or current leakage happens then MCB will turn off the main power supply to the water heater.


This water heater comes with all of the required accessories like 1 PVC pipe,1 nozzle, and two screw for hanging which makes it easy to install and you will not need any plumber for this.

List of best Mini instant water heater

1.Capital 1L Water heater

  • this water heater comes with an auto cut feature which helps you when you will forget to switch off.
  • It is made of a high-quality ABS body which is completely leakproof and durable which makes it a better choice.
  • Due to its compact and mini size, electricity utilization is very less and save 20% of your monthly electricity bill.
  • it has an ISI marked copper element and the body is heat and shockproof, due to which it instant.
  • Due to its mini size, you can easily carry it for outside purposes too and it is the
  • best option for camping.
  • All required accessories for installation like 1m long pipe, one nozzle, and 2 screw
  • it can be use for the kitchen, camping and bathroom for small range.

2.Lonik Water heater

it also has almost similar features as above like

  • Auto cut feature
  • ABS body design
  • Compact and portable
  • Shockproof
  • Required accessories like 1m pipe, nozzle,and Screw for hanging on wall

But the feature which makes it different from the above one is it comes in a variety of elegant colours which can easily make your kitchen tempting and modern. So this concludes the topic for Water heater for kitchen India 2021 Review buyer guide.

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