Weight Loss Secret tips tricks

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Weight Loss Secret tips tricks

Topic : Weight Loss Secret tips tricks

If you feel keeping track of what you eat is boring, then you can forget about losing weight. Don’t toss those measuring cups, though. “I usually misjudge portions of salad dressing, mayonnaise, and ice cream,” says Revitt. “They’re really high in fat and calories and cause the most damage if overdone. So I still measure them.” Read more about Weight Loss Secret tips tricks.

Is your family an army? Cook for your family, not an army. Even for low-fat foods like grilled chicken, Bennett stopped overfeeding her family of four. “I stopped making six or seven breasts, thinking that everybody had to have two or three,” she says. “Now I make just one for each person.” 

Planning is an important part of the battle. Plan ahead. An empty fridge after a stressful day begs for pizza. The now-slender crew doesn’t leave meals to chance. Many of them plan their menus a week or more in advance. Others even cook ahead, freezing meals for the week in individual containers. 

A little dab will do it. If you just can’t pass on some high-fat favorites, stick to the most flavorful ones. 

Fake fry. Try “frying” with calorie-free cooking sprays instead of oil. Spray sliced potatoes and roast them in the oven for french fries that taste fried without the fat, suggests Miltenberger. 

Veggies are great for health. Stock frozen veggies. With pasta or stir-fry sauces, they are diet saviors. “I’ve been known to eat a whole bag of vegetables and with only a quarter cup of sauce, it’s only about 3 grams of fat,” says Mucci-Hurlburt. “It’s saved my butt many times when I was really hungry and had to eat now.” 

Flavor up. Rice, beans, and other cooked grains are the staples of many successful dieters. For variety, Fitzgerald cooks them in different liquids: tomato juice, apple juice, beef or chicken stock. “Rice done in pineapple juice is especially good for rice puddings and Chinese dishes,” she says. 

Don’t do it alone. Find the right support person. A nag won’t do. Neither will a partner in crime. Look for someone who can empathize and support you in a positive way. When Reed finally succeeded in losing weight, her fiancé was a big help. “We didn’t focus all our socializing around food. We went bike riding a lot and played tennis instead of going for pizza.” 

Join a support group or an online health forum. “Hearing someone say she lost 50 pounds would be real motivating,” says Revitt. “I’d think, ‘She’s just a normal person like me. If she can lose 50 then I can do it too.'”

Create your own group. “I started my first women’s group when I first started exercising. It was just a bunch of women that got together once a week, and we would compare notes,” says Debra Mazda, 44, who’s 135 pounds slimmer than she was 13 years ago. So this concludes the topic for Weight Loss Secret tips tricks.

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