May 7, 2021

What Are The Loops On My Backpack For?

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If you bought a brand new backpack for your next amazing trip and wonder about some loops available in your backpack then This article really clear your doubt regarding…

Why some loops are there on your backpack and how to use them correctly?

Loops are very important to carry extra gears with your backpack without disturbing the inside volume of it. A backpack without any loop creates so many difficulties to access the small and quick access gears from the backpack.

Your fashionable or hiking backpack comes with so many loops which are attached to the outer frame of your backpack such as

  • Gear and tie-up loops.
  • daisy chains
  • lash tabs

Open the main compartment to access some frequently used small gears is not a good idea as it will make you tired. Loops help a lot in this situation.

You can put an axe with the bottom loop in your backpack. Tripod is one of the most essential gears for a videographer that can not be carried inside the backpack as the main compartment of a camera backpack only carry some cameras, multiple lenses, a sound system, some memory cards and batteries.

A videographer backpack comes with side loops that can hold tripod of different sizes with adjustable straps. Hiking backpacks come with net straps to put your bike helmet on them.

When you are travelling by aeroplane, you find it difficult to carry a heavy backpack on your shoulders that create pain on your back and hips. In such a situation a backpack with luggage straps make it much easier to carry just on the handle of your roller bag.

How to use backpack loops effectively?

There are different types of loops are used in a backpack for the different-different task.  Some are…

  • Webbing straps for a backpack
  • Carabiner hooks
  • elastic cord
  • Non-elastic cord

You mostly see most of the fashionable vintage backpacks with webbing straps on the front panel. Webbing straps look very attractive on the backpack.


Carabiner hooks are useful for hikers to put some hiking tools just outside of their backpack. Climbers use it most effectively.


Loops are helpful to carry some extra gears with your backpack simply by attaching them with webbing on your backpack.

But it is not good to carry heavy items outside of your backpack because they need proper security. Heavy items must be close to your back and put at the mid part of your backpack.

In that way, you will prevent your shoulders and back from being hurt and cause severe pain. If you are hiking on an unstable trail, narrow path, rocky terrain then you have to choose the right items that can be put outside of your backpack with minimum weight.

The conclusion is that never put those times on your backpack loops which are swing throughout the whole path and make your journey unstable.


Loops on your backpack provide flexibility and increase the usability of your backpack that won’t be possible without them. It also makes your backpack fashionable and attractive.

A student can use outside loops and straps to carry their lunch box, drawing rolled paper, their dirty shoes simply just hanging them outside of their backpack.


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