What is a Saucepan? – Uses, Advantages, & Disadvantages

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A saucepan is a multi-functional and essential kitchen accessory for day-to-day cooking. Obviously, you’re going to try different recipes and cook delicious food for your family in your kitchen. A saucepan is cookware that serves you for different purposes such as boiling veggies, making sauce, boiling eggs, cooking grains, and much more.

Don’t misinterpret the word saucepan to be used only for making sauces. It is handy cookware to serve your needs.

According to professional chefs views, “A kitchen is incomplete if there is no saucepan. It is a cookware for daily use, keep at least two or more saucepans of different sizes to avail the convenience in your kitchen activities”.

Look & Feel – Saucepan 

It is a simple kitchen item that is mostly circular but a few are square-shaped. Many of us are not familiar with the fact that saucepan is different from saucier, saute pan and stockpot.

The sides are high and straight edges with a long handle to grip firmly and easily. The purpose of high sides is that you can cook enough food easily for a big family. In addition, these higher sides increase the surface area of the saucepan.

Moreover, the high-quality plastic handle remains cool even if the saucepan is too hot. This feature is helpful to grip the saucepan firmly to avoid any disturbance.

Different brands use premium quality material in the manufacturing of frying saucepans. Some most common materials available includes cast iron, stainless steel, nonstick, aluminum and copper. Among all the materials, stainless steel saucepans are the cheapest while nonstick is the most expensive saucepan.

Stainless steel saucepan gets hot quicker than other material but the surface is not nonstick. But,  if the meal gets overheated, it may stick to the surface of the saucepan, which’s difficult to clean.

Some saucepans come with a lid. The premium quality tempered glass lets you see inside the pan without opening the lid. The lid has a small vent to control the steam pressure inside the pan.

According to the customer’s feedback, saucepans are mostly used on the stovetop. It is available from 2 quartz to 8 quartz capacity. Although, it is smaller as compared to a stockpot but deeper than a Dutch oven.


  • A saucepan can use in boiling, cooking, and steaming.
  • It is best suitable for steaming vegetables.
  • You can cook grains and boil eggs.
  • It is versatile cookware that saves your space for storage.
  • Saucepans are compatible with almost all kinds of stovetops.
  • Available in different materials like stainless steel, iron, cast iron, copper, and nonstick.
  • Nonstick saucepans are easy to clean.
  • Saucepans are available in different sizes ranging from 2 to 8 quartz.
  • It is high-performance cookware for the kitchen.
  • Saucepans with lids minimize the cooking time.


  • Saucepans are not suitable for cooking for a big family.
  • Some saucepans need continuous stirring, otherwise, the meal may burn.
  • Stainless steel saucepans are difficult to clean.
  • Stainless steel saucepan may discolor on high heat.


A premium quality saucepan is essential cookware of the kitchen that helps in cooking delicious meals in a minimum time. Different saucepan cookwares have exceptional stability, design, handles, lids, heating properties, prices, sizes, and warranty period.


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