August 9, 2021

What is Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which you can use to buy and sell goods. It’s totally untouchable cash.

But today we will see crypto as an asset or investment part. Here asset is cryptocurrency mind that.

The first cryptocurrency was bitcoin after that a lot of currency created by many developers.

Did you know one best part of crypto is? Crypto is decentralized don’t know what does it mean wait I will explain you,

Decentralized means no single organization control it and it is controlled by all the persons involved in it.

That looks amazing, isn’t it?

Since cryptocurrency is decentralized and no one can control it and hence it makes crime easy. Now anyone can send and receive money without knowing the purpose of it.

In this case it may lead to many crimes. All dark web sites work with cryptocurrency they only accept bitcoin as payment.

Because bitcoin was decentralized as other cryptos its impossible for any person or organization to trace the transaction.

But now cryptocurrency is becoming a part of our life some big companies’ adoption it as their payment mode.

Which are quite good things for crypto market as well as for investors.

I think that’s enough for what is cryptocurrency do you questioned yourself why we need cryptocurrency.

If you, did it then you exactly think like me lets understand this also.

Why we need Cryptocurrency?

For this explanation we have to go in past when we have no currency and things are exchanged by barter system.

When there was no currency, no notes, no rupees, no dollar in fact there was no gold and silver.

How did people exchange value?

And it was done something called barter. Suppose you have a hen and I have a cow. Your hen lays egg, my cow gives milk,

And what we are doing is bartering. So, when I need eggs, I will come to you and says that I will give you one liter of milk

In exchange of one egg and that’s became the exchange and then whenever I will need one egg I will give you one liter of milk,

You will accept it and give me one egg. And in this way most of the economic value got transferred and distributed.

But clearly there are some problems in this. Problem number one if I want to give half liter milk only or I have only half liter milk,

Then I cannot take half an egg from him or if the other person only wants only half liter of milk, then I am not going to accept half an egg.

So, it is not divisible, which means that the things which were bartered could not be converted into small parts easily.

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You can invest in cryptocurrency to become financial independent and time by time your money will grow too. so crypto is a good investment now a days.

What is?