November 20, 2020

What’s the easiest way to make money online in 2021

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What’s the easiest way to make money online in 2021

Topic : What’s the easiest way to make money online in 2021

To be honest, there are hundreds of ways or even more than that where you can work online.

Some ways are best because there you can even make money online for free.

But when you find online then there are real sources along with the scam sources.

But you need to be aware of what and where you start and which source is the best and real.

I highly recommend you guys to stay away from programs where they ask to pay the amount in the initial period.

Here I am going to share the sources where you can start working for free according to your interest. Some of the ways need certain skills like good communication skills, writing skills, etc Read more about What’s the easiest way to make money online in 2021.

So What’s the easiest way to make money online in 2021


1. Start Working On Fiverr

What’s the easiest way to make money online in 2021? Fiverr is the best place to start making money online for free. It lets you register yourself and let you choose different services that can make you earn good money.

You can choose any of the service based on your interest and start working. There are thousands of employers who post freelance work fro freelancers like you in a particular topic and then you need to get in contact with them.

Here you can make money for free because it doesn’t needs any investment.

There are many freelancers who have achieved success like working here on Fiverr. Once you browse more about their marketplace then it can surely give you a lot of ideas and then you can get started.

The best part about this is it is absolutely free and it is the best way to make money online and make your living.

2. Start as a Virtual Assistant

Now, this is again the most preferred online job nowadays. There are many virtual workers these days so is the Virtual Assistant jobs. This job is similar to the personal assistant, but the main difference is this is done virtually.

The job includes:

Replying to emails

Doing a research job

Writing content on demand

Replying to comments

On average, the virtual assistant gets somewhere around 2$ to 20$ every hour depending on the service and service provider.

This job is for someone who doesn’t want to leave the house for a certain reason and work at home, then this can be the best option. There are many sources to start working as a Virtual Assistant. Some of the sources include.



3. Freelancing

Are you a graphic designer, a web developer, a writer, or a homemaker?  Then Freelancer is for you.

Here you need to choose work based on what you are good at. If you are able to choose the right work for yourself and get working then you can make your living.

Working by becoming a freelancer can be as good as living a dream life because you can be your own boss, work from anywhere, work at any time that you want. To start simply sign up on these sites





Each site has different criteria for payment options and payment methods. You just choose the type of work that you are good at and start applying for such jobs. If you get a good amount of freelance jobs then you are good to go.

4. Create a Youtube Channel

Have you ever thought of becoming a Youtuber? Youtube has been with us for a long time. Many times you might have come across the thought of creating your own Youtube Channel. But somehow didn’t start and still have a regret of not starting it.

However, now it’s not late though. You just need to start. This is the secret and best quote of everyone’s life which is ” to just start without listening to someone else and without wasting time”.

You don’t need to create a technical video, it can be anything, any video. It just needs to be original.

However, in the case of investment, you don’t need to invest in anything.

A smartphone/PC, Internet, Free Video Editor, and you are good to go. This is enough in the initial stage.

Once to start uploading videos then you apply on Adsense and that will show ads on your videos and you will be making a good amount of money online.

Once you start making enough money then you can focus on quality videos and create that you can then invest in good video editing software or sometime your previous free software can work if you do basic editing.

The best part about this is anyone can start their career on youtube from a college-going teenager to a retired person. If you are good at educating on different topics, giving tips on DIY creativity, etc. Then you can start uploading videos and apply on Adsense that can lead to earning you good money.

5. Become a transcriptionist

If you are good at listening or good at writing. Then transcribing is the best freelancing job for you.

Transcribing is a process where you will be given a video or audio so based on that you have to listen on what is being said and just type it.

There is also a process called captioning which is watching the video and type what is being said.

It is the most simple online job out there. This is one of the best jobs to make money online for free.

There are many websites out there who offer such kind of jobs. There is a website called Rev where you can register and do the remaining process and start work


6. Online Paid Surveys

This is the most preferred method to earn some cash. It is popular amongst students as it helps them to earn extra to add their pocket money.

There many companies out there who pay for doing surveys and which helps to know more about the market where they want to launch their product or either their client.

So if you are searching to earn some extra money then you can join such companies.

But you must do extra research about the company that you are going to work. The company must be trustworthy in the first place.

There are few sites that provide paid surveys and that are as follows:



However, you need to check out their TOS even before registering yourself as some sites only allow participants from the US or Canada and some countries.

I recommend this way of earning as the last option to earn as it is quite difficult to find genuine paid survey sites. Also, there are many scams going on these days with Paid Surveys.


7. Affiliate Marketing

If you are someone who has a good following on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Then Affiliate Marketing is the best option for you.

It could be easy if you have a blog but as this article is only on make money online for free so using social media for Affiliate Marketing could be the best option to start with.

Affiliate Marketing can be done by using a platform where you need to register and then start promoting their products.

When someone from your following buys through your given link then straightaway you will be getting the commission.

There are many bloggers and people with some followers on social media earning thousands of dollars every month just sitting at home through Affiliate Marketing.

You can start with your social media that too for free and you can even start a new page on any niche or topic and once you get a good following then you start sharing product link.

8. Become a Social Media Manager

Many companies want to promote their products online. To start with first they need to create their social media profiles on every platform.

Then they need to update and upload engaging posts every day or sometimes thrice a week.

This work is easy and fun for students or someone who is active socially but it is hectic for companies as they have a lot of work to do.

However, there are companies that directly start promoting via paid advertising but in the longterm, they do need to upload engaging posts.

So here comes Social Medial Manager into play. This is a big opportunity for you guys.

You can start working as a Social Media Manager. You don’t need to leave your house to do this work, you can do it online.

The work mostly includes:

Setting up Profiles on social media

Replying to comments

Post and update posts

Plan and Create social media graphics

However, you need to have some basic skills

You must have good communication skills Should be aware of the latest things on social media Must have ideas on where you can find viral contents for posts You should know how to be good with the customer . If you think you fit within basic criteria, then why not try it?

There are many social media managers out there who are earning more than $10,000 to $15,000 annually.

You cannot earn that much at first because they are professionals and very much experiences.

You can make this much money too. But at the start, you will get less and once you get more clients your earning will automatically increase. You can even scale this business by hiring employees to do the same. So you must try this job to make money online for free.

9. Share Referral Links to your Friends

There are many brands out there who are using a referral based promoting method.

This is a method where they give options to their existing users to share their app via a customized referral link and ask them to refer their friend and whenever your friend signup to their or just download then their user gets a commission.

You can even join such referral programs and refer your referral link to your friends and earn money.

However, it can be more profitable if you have a good following on social media so there you can share your referral links and start earning.

This can be more profitable if you have a blog or a website but to start you don’t need a website here.

So I highly recommend you to start searching for such apps and referral programs and grab the opportunity.

10. Start A Business On Instagram

Do you have a good sense of style? Do you have a good following on Instagram and are your followers asking about the products that you post on Instagram.

If yes, then why not start a Business on Instagram by converting your account into a Business account?

If you have an Instagram Business account then you can get advanced tools. It gives you the option to sell products. You can even tag different products with its price which your followers can buy from you.

However, there is a small process that is involved here to access the tag products feature which you can know more here.

There are many users who are selling crafts and Fashion products using this method. So, if you think you fit in this business then go ahead and try one.

11. Sell Products

Are you good at creating something creative?

If yes then you start selling those products online and this is one of the best methods to earn money online for free. Because you don’t need any investment here. All you need is creativity.

So if you are good at creating crafts, artwork, or anything with no investment that people can buy then you can start this right away.

Websites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are good platforms to sell your products.

Once you start uploading good pictures of your handmade and other products then your followers will start messaging you and but from you. Once you grow your followers then you can scale this business. There is no limit to such a business.

By doing this you can earn a lot of money online. This work doesn’t need to leave your house. So start doing this business if you think you fit in this well.


These are some ways to make money online for free. If you start doing it right now, then you will get results sooner. Everything is tough at first but you need to push yourself in initial days and get motivated all time. So this concludes the topic for What’s the easiest way to make money online in 2021.

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