Which is the best yoga mat in India 2021

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Which is the best yoga mat in India 2021

Topic : Which is the best yoga mat in India 2021

Well! Finding the perfect yoga mat is not that difficult but it can be confusing with too many options available.

So in this article, I am going to be very concise and to the point so that you get your best yoga mat.

Before, making any decision to buy the best yoga mat always have the following points in your mind.


There are so many brands available online with different yoga mats of various sizes. Always go with the reliable and trusted brand with good user reviews and ratings.

A branded product ensures product quality and better comfort.


Most of the yoga mats you will find are generally 6 feet long 2 feet wide which is sufficient length for most people in India. However, it would be nice on your part to check beforehand the perfect yoga mat size for your height and preference.


The yoga mat comes in different thicknesses like 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 15mm, etc.

Why should bother about thickness?

Well! more thickness means more cushioning but the material should be soft as well for comfortable cushioning.

Normally. 4mm thick mats do not provide effective cushioning it is good for people who are comfortable with thin yoga mats.

6mm thick yoga mats provide moderate cushioning and considered perfect thickness by most people.

Anything above 6mm can be comfortable for those who need more cushioning.

In case you want to buy an extra-thick yoga mat then consider 10mm or 13 thick yoga mats.

Read the reviews of the 10 Best Yoga Mats in India.


The most important point to remember. Always look for a yoga mat that does not burn your pocket. There are so many good quality yoga mats are available which you can buy at affordable prices. Here is the list of best budget yoga mats you can buy online.


Yoga mats are manufactured with different materials like rubber, EVA, TPE, Cotton. All you have to check whether the rubber or EVA foam material suits your skin.

Some people have sensitive skin so they are prone to get rashes on foam yoga mats. Cheap yoga mats can have toxic material in it which can harm your skin. Therefore material selection is important while buying a yoga mat.

The best alternative for people with allergic skin is cotton yoga mats. However, cotton yoga mats are thin and do not provide much cushioning like their rubber counterparts.


The right yoga mat should be stable on hard floors, It should be anti-slip or anti-skid. A better grip is important as it gives you the confidence to perform asanas and poses with ease by preventing the risk of injury.


I hope that these points will help you get the right yoga mat for your daily workout sessions, gym or pilates training.


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