Which mattress is best for back pain problems in India? (2021)

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Which mattress is best for back pain problems in India? (2021)

Topic : Which mattress is best for back pain problems in India? (2021)

The best mattresses for the back are therefore mattresses with a medium/high firmness. Currently, there are a wide variety of mattresses on the market with different ranges of firmness: low, medium, and high.

A firm mattress will help us keep the spine in the correct position. If we already have a relatively new mattress, which at the moment we do not want to change, we can try to improve the firmness with a good upholstered base. Read more about Which mattress is best for back pain problems in India? (2021).

At first, it may take some getting used to but, once adapted to them, they will find them very comfortable and you will get better rest.

So we have found some top 3 mattress brands in India which good for back pain problems and I am sure you like these mattresses.

How to choose the best mattress for back pain?

A very simple test to find mattresses that are good for your back is to try them. Lie on your back and with your legs fully stretched out. If you notice that the mattress lifts your lower back naturally and does not arch over it, it is the key test to know which mattress to buy for back pain.

Support and structure

Support is an essential point that you should not overlook, if your mattress does not have good support, the weight of the body will make it sag and will modify the curvature of the spine, causing back pain.

Therefore, the support must be firm, and even so that it can have good stability. Ideally, you should use upholstered bases, couches, articulated beds, and spring mattresses.


The firmness of a mattress of this type is measured on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is extra firm and 10 is very soft. Therefore, the Ideal is to choose a firmness of at least 5.3 or medium, as it offers better adaptability and can give your spine a good rest. However, you also need to consider your weight, sleeping posture, and the area of ​​your back that is causing pain.

Soft mattress

A very soft mattress works the body too much and the spine loses proper alignment. The test to see if the mattress covers the lower back avoids choosing a mattress that the pelvis and shoulders sink into.

Hard mattress

If we choose a hard mattress and the user moves a lot when sleeping and suffers from back pain, they are more likely to wake up during changes in sleep positions. Besides that, the subjection of the lumbar areas is not complete.

The back support or lumbar area is very important to avoid possible ailments. Therefore, it is an important factor to consider if you are going to buy a mattress. When you suffer back pain after sleeping, one way to relieve it the next night is to sleep without a pillow, so that the body aligns correctly and does not suffer in the changes of position.


To sleep well you do not necessarily have to pay a lot of money but to know how to choose what is best for you. When it comes to mattresses and rest, there are inexpensive alternatives that work very well, such as memory foam and memory foam mattresses.

Type of Mattress Materials

The type of material and the configuration of its core and the different layers. The decision will also vary based on individual preferences. For example, there are mattresses of:

Memory Foam: they are characterized by adaptation to the body and generate greater independence of the beds (the movements of the companion are not noticed).

Latex: they offer a greater sensation of adaptation to the body and are perfect for articulated bed bases.

Pocket springs: they have characteristics of latex mattresses and spring mattresses, such as independence of beds, breathability, and hygiene.

HR foam: they have great firmness and good adaptation to the body. However, they are not suitable for hot people or in humid places due to their lower breathability.


When buying it is possible that you come across misleading offers, so we recommend that you analyze them well before making a decision, although there are cheap back pain mattresses, it is not a good idea to trust very low prices since they tend to be mattresses that are easily damaged.

Remember that the right mattress must adapt to your needs and provide you with a better rest experience, so look at the attributes of each model, compare prices and try them to make sure you are making a good purchase.

I hope you like this information to find the best mattress company for back pain problems.

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